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Supply chain management

ECOSIT® C-Parts management

Bundle services and reduce costs: With our efficient procurement and supply systems for fasteners

A woman standing at the control centre of an ECOSIT® system is reaching for a Kanban ECOBIN.

Kanban, but with a system. That’s ECOSIT®!

Welcome to the world of efficient C-Parts management – with ECOSIT® from Böllhoff!

ECOSIT® stands for ECOnomic Supply In Time. With our Kanban solution, we help you as a C-Parts supplier to achieve efficient standard parts management and automated processes. Kanban systems offer many advantages: the outsourcing of planning and warehousing as well as complex processes in logistics, the adaptation of production to current needs or the benefits of digitalisation.

Plus factors

Your advantages with ECOSIT®

The Kanban system enables optimal logistics for your required C-parts, since only goods that are actually needed are delivered automatically in a cyclical replenishment process. This means that you benefit from 100% availability and security of supply of all C-parts while also avoiding unnecessary storage and transport costs – all with minimal procurement effort.

The Kanban system enables optimal logistics for your required C-parts, since only goods that are actually needed are delivered automatically in a cyclical replenishment process. This means that you benefit from 100% availability and security of supply of all C-parts while also avoiding unnecessary storage and transport costs – all with minimal procurement effort.

  • Implementation of custom solutions

    We implement the solution that is best for you, fine-tuned for the respective items and requirements.

  • Guarantee of 100% item availability

    We ensure that all items are available at all times. So you can concentrate on your core business.

  • Stronger competitive position: Increased efficiency and long-term cost savings

    With our extensive expertise, we optimise your processes and reduce costs in procurement, transport and storage.

  • Product range optimisation

    Fewer parts, improved technology: We standardise drives, dimensions, surfaces and property classes.

  • Simple and quick installation

    Our ECOSIT® systems run smooth and professional. Even setting up the ECOSIT® C-Parts Kanban system is completely straightforward.

  • Sustainable transport concept

    ECOFREIGHT is a sustainable transport concept. We only use components made from recycled plastic and we prevent empty journeys by collecting the empties at the same time as the delivery.

The goals of ECOSIT®

Reliable standard parts management

When developing ECOSIT®, we sought to ensure the best possible efficiency in our customers’ supply chain management. The core purpose of C-Parts Kanban is economic efficiency: By outsourcing cost-intensive areas of logistics and automating ordering processes, our Kanban approach enables our customers to concentrate fully on their core business.

We have also continued to simplify ECOSIT® to make it as accessible as possible for your employees. This means that our Kanban system can be easily integrated into your company processes.

Last but not least, we focus on the guaranteed availability of all C-Parts as needed. Our product range of over 100,000 catalogued C-Parts covers the entire range of C-Parts. Depending on your needs, we can also develop custom products – please feel free to contact us.

"Over 30 years of experience in Kanban systems – that’s what distinguishes Böllhoff. With ECOSIT®, we offer a supply and procurement system for joining technology which we tailor in cooperation with the customer to their individual requirements."

Mario Grassy Innovation Manager at Böllhoff

Always a step ahead

ECOSIT® product family

The individual components of our ECOSIT® product family are perfectly coordinated.

  • Kanban containers

    ECOBIN: The Kanban containers for C-Parts management

    ECOBINs for flexible and easy warehousing

    The ECOBIN series of small load carriers can be positioned flexibly on the shelf thanks to easy access options from multiple sides. The rounded inner edges of the bins also facilitate picking of the items. The special waffle base allows bins to be stacked safely and securely as a composite. And the dimensions of the containers are designed to make optimal use of Euro-pallets and minimise the space required for truck transport.

    The ECOBIN container in detail

    • Can be placed freely on the shelf
    • Vertically movable flaps with variable displacement and locking
    • Easy removal of goods thanks to individually adjustable access (front and long sides)
    • Process optimisation thanks to different dimensions for different shelf, pallet and goods sizes
    • Waffle base for safe composite stacking
    • Ergonomically shaped handles on all sides
    • Clean and safe packaging thanks to dust protection lids
    • German Design Award 2020 and German Packaging Award 2018
  • Labelling

    ECOLABEL: The smart label with high functionality

    ECOLABEL with Pick-by-Signal

    The labels used in our ECOSIT® Kanban are paperless and completely customizable: The ECOLABEL provides flexible labelling of all items in the ECOSIT® procurement and supply system. Pick-by-Signal accelerates local processes: When you want to pick an item, an optical signal on the ECOLABEL guides you directly to the appropriate bin. You quickly find the item you are looking for and avoid picking errors.

  • Transport

    ECOFREIGHT: Innovative transport concept

    The C-Parts in the ECOBIN Kanban containers are transported using ECOFREIGHT – mobile pallets with integrated load securing developed specifically for ECOSIT®. We completely avoid using wood, paper and cardboard during production and transport, and also save on wrapping film. Transport lids with integrated tensioning straps are placed on the ECOBIN containers and secured to the pallet. Thanks to the handles and a trailer coupling, you can completely dispense with the need for a lift truck during transport.

    This means that transport with ECOFREIGHT is not only resource and environmentally friendly, but also safe, straightforward and without unnecessary disposal costs.

  • Information

    ECOPORTAL: Digital access to the ECOSIT® system

    The key data for all aspects of your C-Parts management are always available in the ECOPORTAL. You can retrieve master data, view the shelf assignment plan or download additional documents.

    The ECOPORTAL is your fast and flexible access point to all relevant information. Extensive reporting functions enable many approaches for increasing the efficiency of your system – for greater transparency and independence.

Always a step ahead

RFID – automation with the latest technology

At ECOSIT®, we use the latest RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification) to largely automate C-parts management. We always base our work on our customer’s existing processes. ECOSIT® uses the usual data standards, such as EDIFACT, the VDA format, and iDoc from the SAP environment. Many individual formats used by our customers are also supported by ECOSIT®.

  • RFID components

    RFID labels: digital product information

    Our RFID labels store all relevant article information and enable clear identification of the goods. They are attached to our ECOBINs and can be read using our RFID readers. Orders are therefore placed automatically.

  • RFID components

    ECO-FLEXIBLE: Practical application for scanning the goods

    The ECO-FLEXIBLE is available for table-top installation or for wall mounting. Simply scan the label and receive a visual and acoustic signal. In addition to detecting labels held in front of it, ECO-FLEXIBLE can also be used for letterboxes, or with a ground antenna or a shelf antenna. Online access provides information about open orders and a container overview.

  • RFID components

    ECO-MOBILE: Wearable for the ECOSIT® system

    ECO-MOBILE provides you optical and acoustic feedback when you scan the label. It is small, lightweight and compact, and a practical and comfortable wearable device. It gives you online access to open orders and a container overview.

  • Read antenna

    Floor-Scan: Read antenna integrated into the floor mat

    With Floor-Scan, the antenna for reading the ECOBIN containers is integrated into a floor mat. The antenna reads all empty bins that are on a pallet or in a collection box placed on the floor mat.

  • Read antenna

    Shelf-Scan: Read antenna on the shelf

    With Shelf-Scan, the read antenna is on the top shelf. This is where the empty ECOBINs are collected and simultaneously scanned. Shelf-Scan is the optimal solution where space is limited.

"We always utilise our customer’s existing processes. These are familiar to everyone. Our aim is not to change everything, but to integrate existing components into our system and build on them. What is important is that the customer ultimately has improved processes, constant availability, smooth communications."

Mathias Imbach, ECOSIT® Manager at Böllhoff
Mathias Imbach ECOSIT® Manager at Böllhoff

Your questions about ECOSIT®

"As an ECOSITEUR, I value the close contact with our customers and enjoy being responsible for complete item availability and a smooth full service. It feels good to provide customers with optimal and highly effective processes. I also like the diversity because I work with many different companies from a variety of industrial sectors."

Marcel Schwarz Employee at Sven Schwarz Dienstleistung und Logistik

Innovation ensures success

ECOSIT® – implement supply chain management successfully

Each ECOSIT® system is a tailored customer solution for C-Parts purchasing based on collaborative partnership. ECOSIT® includes all operative processes with the objectives of simplifying processes, maximizing potential and implementing 100% process reliability. In addition to increasing efficiency and reducing costs, quality and transparency are also top priorities.


The ECOSIT® brochures

Interested in our ECOSIT® procurement and supply system? Please download further information here.