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Success stories

Koninklijke Gazelle

The development of the e-bike of the future, Gazelle No°1, calls for innovative joining technology.

Gazelle N°1 e-bike

Design and technology on a pathbreaking tour

SNAPLOC® unites design and technology. Gazelle was completely won over by our SNAPLOC® plug-in connections.

Initial situation

Smooth and seamless design for the new e‑bike

For some time, Gazelle has been collaborating with the world-famous Italian design studio Giugiaro Design to create the e-bike of the future – the Gazelle N°1. The carbon and aluminium model weighs just 25.5 kilos and offers the perfect combination of speed, comfort and connectivity. During development of the Gazelle N°1, the focus was primarily on a smooth, seamless design: for example, the drive and cables of the e-bike should not be visible under any circumstances. As a result, the body panel had to be screwed together without leaving recognisable connection points. The connection also had to decouple any vibrations which might occur while the e-bike was being used. The cover needed to be easy to remove during maintenance or a battery change.

Gazelle N°1 e-bike
Gazelle N°1 e-bike


SNAPLOC® plug-in connections

SNAPLOC® is a two-part system – ball stud and coupling – for fast installation. The K' in K' ball stud forms or cuts a thread into the mounting dome of the body panel cover. The coupling is mounted by simply being pushed into the frame. Inside the coupling, there is a ball socket into which the ball stud snaps.

SNAPLOC® K’ in K’ plastic ball stud
SNAPLOC® K’ in K’ ball stud and socket
SNAPLOC® vibration and noise decoupling Design principle


Easy maintenance coupled with aesthetic design

The installed SNAPLOC® plug-in connection is not visible on the surface of the body panel cover, contributing significantly to the aesthetic design. The system also decouples vibrations. Pull to detach – the fact that SNAPLOC® is easy to disassemble makes maintenance significantly easier.
7 SNAPLOC® systems with a diameter of 7 mm are installed in each e-bike.

Customer benefits

  • Quick and easy assembly and disassembly
  • Cost effective
  • Easily integrated into customer component
  • Vibration and noise decoupling
  • Tolerance compensation
Quick and easy installation of the cover flap on the Gazelle N°1 with SNAPLOC plug-in connections
Quick and easy installation of the cover flap with SNAPLOC® plug-in connections

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