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High-strength and reliable joints in the aluminium platform of the latest sports car model from the Morgan Motors Company.

Böllhoff and Morgan: “A compelling mixture of craftsmanship and technology" (©Morgan Motor Company)

Böllhoff and Morgan: "A fascinating mixture between craftsmanship and technology"

Since 1909, the Morgan Motors Company has been manufacturing sports cars which enjoy cult status and feature a compelling mixture of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology.

Initial situation

The aluminium platform of the Morgan Plus Six

Every Morgan is hand-crafted and consists of the three core elements: ash, aluminium and leather. With the Plus Six, the company succeeded in producing an aluminium platform that provides a one hundred percent increase in torsion stiffness compared with previous platforms. This makes the Plus Six the most dynamic Morgan series model so far.

With the production of the aluminium platform, Morgan was faced with new challenges. First, the individual aluminium parts were fixed by means of a special adhesive. Afterwards, they were joined. That procedure required a joining method with no pre‑punching that would enable the creation of high‑strength joints while the adhesive was hardening. Our RIVSET® self-pierce riveting technology was the perfect solution.

Aluminium platform of the Morgan Plus Six
Aluminium platform of the Morgan Plus Six


RIVSET® self-pierce riveting technology

RIVSET® self‑pierce riveting is a joining method for creating high‑strength mechanical joints between similar and dissimilar materials. Joints can consist of more than two layers, such as in this case with adhesive as the intermediate layer.


High‑strength and reliable

In a single step, the semi‑tubular rivet punches through the top material layers and creates an undercut in the bottom material layer, forming the characteristic locking head in the process. The bottom material layer remains intact, so the spot joint created is gas-tight and liquid-tight. Since the vehicles are hand‑crafted, the RIVSET® Portable complements the joining process perfectly.

Customer benefits

  • Highly versatile
  • Cost-effective
  • High quasi-static and dynamic strength
The Morgan Plus Six (© Morgan Motor Company)
The Morgan Plus Six (© Morgan Motor Company)

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