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Fast and reliable cold joining of sheets

Picture of a ventilation system with several pipes

LUFT-WENT replaces resistance welding with clinching

LUFT-WENT uses RIVCLINCH® technology to construct ventilation ducts and other ventilation as well as air conditioning components. The producer from Ostrów Wielkopolski has been operating since 2015. In its production, the company uses plasma burning, cutting, milling and drilling processes. Resistance welding is successively being replaced by clinching for joining.

Initial Situation

Energy-intensive process: Resistance welding

LUFT-WENT is involved in the production of ventilation systems as well as air conditioning and recuperation equipment. In this industry, creating tight connections is crucial. The connections are structural, so they need to be adequately durable. Fast assembly is also very important.

The joining technology used by LUFT-WENT needs to meet all these conditions.

Initially, LUFT-WENT’s basic technology for joining sheets was resistance welding. However, it is an energy-intensive process. During resistance welding, the zinc coating is damaged, fumes harmful to health are given off and the welded elements are susceptible to corrosion. In order to protect against corrosion, the welded components also need to be galvanized.

Production of ventilation ducts at LUFT-WENT from Ostrów Wielkopolski
Production of ventilation ducts at LUFT-WENT from Ostrów Wielkopolski


RIVCLINCH® cold joining of sheets

As part of its cooperation with Böllhoff Poland, LUFT-WENT began to move away from resistance welding in favour of clinching technology. The company invested in a RIVCLINCH® 4006 P50 PASS stationary device and several RIVCLINCH® 0404 IP V3 AERO handheld devices.

RIVCLINCH® 0404 IP – Portable pneumatic clinching machine
RIVCLINCH® 0404 IP Portable pneumatic clinching machine
RIVCLINCH® technology LUFT-WENT replaces welding


Tight and cost-efficient cold joining

Replacing the stationary resistance welding machine with the RIVCLINCH® 0404 IP V3 AERO had a positive impact on production at LUFT-WENT. Two people used to be required to install the large ventilation ducts, while only one operator is required to operate the hand-held clincher. The device can be connected to various workstations that have a compressed air connection. Clinching eliminates the need for additional protection of the welded component against corrosion because it does not affect the zinc coating of the sheet. There are no high temperatures or emission of harmful elements during assembly. Operating of RIVCLINCH® devices is easy, and no special permissions are needed by the operator. The joints used in ventilation obtained by clinching have the appropriate class of tightness, and assembly is fast.

Customer benefits

  • Fast assembly
  • Tight connection
  • Cold mounting does not affect the zinc coating - there are no fumes harmful to health and no corrosion problems
  • Energy saving
  • Easy to use - no special operator permissions needed
  • Hand-held and stationary devices
RIVCLINCH® 4006 P50 PASS – Versatile standalone machine
RIVCLINCH® 4006 P50 ASS stationary clincher

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