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Screw locking

Chemical thread retention solutions

Bonding. Locking. Sealing: Securing and sealing joints with precoated threads

Image of a screw with a micro-encapsulated precoating

For a high level of security

Screw retention with coating – the advanced solution for a high degree of security, ease of processing and efficient serial production

The key to secure screw connections – chemical thread retention solutions help prevent failure of the screw connection and suit various requirements and applications.

Plus factors

Advantages of chemical thread retention solutions

  • Reliable and dependable

    Highly secure: with chemical retention solutions, there is no risk of forgetting the lock washer or the anaerobic adhesive.

  • Ideal for serial production

    Chemical thread retention solutions provide reproducible, defined assembly values and are simple and straightforward to store.

  • Special adaptation to your application

    We offer individual coatings based on your requirements.

  • Reduced assembly times

    When using chemical thread retention solutions, there is no need to install a sealing and locking element as well.

  • Easily integrated

    The chemical thread retention solutions are easy to integrate. No geometric changes are needed and they can easily be integrated into existing applications.

Method and principle

Thread precoating

Our thread retention solutions involving chemical precoating, which include bonding, locking and sealing, provide an alternative to anaerobic adhesives.
Thanks to our reliable precoating process, the coating no longer has to be applied manually during assembly.
We offer two types of chemical thread retention solution – adhesive micro-encapsulated coatings and locking polyamide coatings.

Illustration of a screw with chemical thread precoating (marked in red)
Location of the chemical thread precoating marked in red
Image of various chemical thread retention solutions
Chemical thread retention solutions on various screw surfaces

Find the right solution for your application

Chemical thread retention solutions product types

  • Adhesive thread precoating

    Bonding bolt and nut threads together is a reliable way to prevent them from working loose. With this method, the applied microcapsules are destroyed by the pressure exerted when the connection is screwed together. The adhesive contained in the capsules then combines with a hardener. This results in a chemical reaction (polymerisation), which causes the adhesive to harden (adhesive bonding) and produces the desired locking effect. The locking effect is achieved by bonding the bolt and nut thread. The pre-tensioning force applied here is largely preserved (anti-rotation lock).

    Product types

    • Precote 30
    • Precote 80
    • Precote 80-3
    • Precote 85
    • 3M Scotch Grip 2353
    • 3M Scotch Grip
  • Locking thread precoating

    The polyamide precoating on the thread prevents the screw connection from coming apart. Unlike adhesive pre-coating, this thread retention method uses a polyamide spot that is applied to a section of thread. This fills the axial clearance between screw and nut threads, generating surface pressure between the coated thread and the flanks of the uncoated mated thread to achieve the desired locking effect. This precoating is one of the locking devices.

    Product types

    • Plasbolt polyamide spot
    • Plasbolt polyamide all-round
    • Clemm-Lock, VC 3
    • Polyamide spot all-round temperature-resistant
    • Precote 6
    • Precote 9

Information and more


Interested in chemical thread retention solutions? Please download further information here.