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Screw locking


Efficient and reliable: Use our RIPP LOCK® screw lock for lasting screw connections.

RIPP LOCK® self-locking washer with ribbed surface.

For lasting connections

Unscrew locks with radial ribs – the clever solution for securing screws

RIPP LOCK® screw locks with radial ribs: the key to secure screw connections. The ribs fit tightly into the mating surface on the opposite side. This ensures a firm grip even under strong vibrations or dynamic loads.

Plus factors

Advantages of RIPP LOCK®

  • Excellent locking effect

    RIPP LOCK® provides effective locking thanks to its special radial ribs. Your screw connection will remain secure even under extreme dynamic stress.

  • Sturdy and durable

    High-grade and durable materials make our RIPP LOCK® locking washers, bolts and nuts especially resistant to corrosion and extreme temperatures.

  • Multi-use and easy to assemble

    RIPP LOCK® products are easy to assemble and disassemble. This allows them to be reused several times, making them a cost-effective solution. As a locking device, RIPP LOCK® is effective immediately. No setting time is required.

  • Universal use

    The screw lock can be retrofitted into almost any existing assembly. RIPP LOCK® is also the perfect solution for slotted hole applications.

  • Protects surfaces

    No matter whether they are painted, zinc-plated or chrome-plated – RIPP LOCK® is particularly suitable for sensitive surfaces and soft materials such as aluminium, copper, cast aluminium or cast magnesium alloys.

  • Independently tested

    RIPP LOCK® is a versatile and well-established solution in the industry. Our products have been tested by independent institutes and endorsed as efficient safeguards against loosening by Building Inspectorate Approval Z 14.4 664.

Method and principle

How the RIPP LOCK® screw lock works

Innovative screw locking system

RIPP LOCK® screw locks feature specially designed radial ribs. The contact angle at the base of the ribs is significantly greater than the helix angle of a metric thread. Any loosening of the screw connection is effectively counteracted by an increase in the pre-tensioning force.

The pre-tensioning force applied in assembling the connecting element presses the radial ribs of the RIPP LOCK® screw lock into the mating surface. The resulting form fit reliably prevents your connection from working itself loose, even under extreme vibrations or high dynamic stress.

Slotted holes with clear indentations thanks to RIPP LOCK®.
RIPP LOCK® delivers effective locking action – including for slotted holes.

Find the right solution for your application

RIPP LOCK® product types

  • The universal RIPP LOCK® self-locking washer

    RIPP LOCK® self-locking washers are ribbed on both sides. They are available in standard diameters or reduced outer diameters. Both washer versions are available in steel (hardness value: 400-500HV) with zinc flake coating and stainless steel A4 (hardness value: >=800HV). The detent edged washers' high hardness properties mean that they can be used with screws of all strength classes up to 12.9

    The standard version has an outside diameter in accordance with DIN 125/ISO 7089. The RIPP LOCK® self-locking washer with reduced outside diameter is suitable for screws with a counterbored zylinder head.

  • RIPP LOCK® screws with locking ribs

    RIPP LOCK® self-locking screws have locking ribs integrated into the entire contact surface of the screw. The locking mechanism does not catch in the loosening direction so that it does not damage the surface. Damage to the bearing surface is negligible.

    The screws are available in hexagonal socket and hexagonal versions in strength class 100 (1,040N/mm²). Please let us know if you require screws for higher strength classes up to and including 12.9.

  • RIPP LOCK® nuts with integrated locking ribs

    The radial ribs are integrated into the entire bearing surface of the nut. When the nut is tightened, the mating material is "rolled" through the locking ribs on the surface of the screw. This results in a small, plastic deformation that strengthens the surface. After the screw has been fully tightened there is no significant sign of yield.

    Our product is available as a hexagonal self-locking nut in strength class 10 (for screws in strength class 10.9 and screw class 100). We will gladly supply nuts in strength class 12 on request.

Reliable. Secure. RIPP LOCK®

RIPP LOCK® has been creating secure screw connections for over ten years. Our products are used wherever effective and economical unscrew lock systems are required – including for soft or coated surfaces, slotted holes or assortment standardisation. Our locking solution is a continuous process driven by a wide variety of requirements.

Information and more


Interested in RIPP LOCK®? Please download further information here.