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Metal engineering and drawing parts


With FORMTEC, we offer technical cold forming parts that we manufacturer to your specifications.

A selection of customer-tailored cold formed parts and assemblies

Precision cold forming

Anything but standard

We accompany you from advice and development to production. Much more than standard. We offer you the best solution for your specific requirements. Our considerable professional expertise in the manufacture of cold-formed parts is based on decades of experience in fastening and assembly technology.

Plus factors

Advantages of FORMTEC

  • Customer consulting

    Extensive know-how. Our employees draw on many years of experience in planning technical products and develop tailor-made solutions according to your requirements.

  • Prototypes and pre-series

    With perfection in mind. With prototypes and pre-series we obtain additional certainty relative to form and functionality of the final version of your component.

  • Concept development

    Individual solutions. Thanks to our design and simulation software, we can draft a customised concept in no time.

Method and principle

Custom cold forming

The stand-out characteristic of FORMTEC is our individual approach. The entire consulting, development and production process is focused on fulfilling your requirements. We can carry out all types of simulation and mechanical testing in our modern and well-equipped technical facilities.

FORMTEC for an intake manifold
FORMTEC for an intake manifold

Find the right solution for your application

Product examples FORMTEC

  • Heat shield fastening

    The heat shield in the car is subjected to extremely high temperatures and significant temperature fluctuations (‑40°C to +300°C). Our FORMTEC fasteners easily meet these requirements.

    The fastening element is durable and does not break – even under thermal expansion.

    Customer benefits

    • High load capacity
    • Fast assembly (push-in setting process)
    • Thermal and vibration decoupling
    • Reduced number of parts
    • Cost-efficient
  • Panoramic glass roof water drain

    Water remaining on a car's panoramic glass roof can result in corrosion and leakage. All the more reason for our FORMTEC glass roof water drain.

    Our hybrid solution ensures that water flows off at all times.

    Customer benefits

    • Easy to mount (manual installation)
    • Robust, water-tight solution
    • Cost-effective solution
    • Does not influence the design of the vehicle
  • Fastening for an air intake system

    To securely fasten an air intake system on the engine block, we developed a highly durable FORMTEC special insert.

    The fastener, manufactured through cold-forming, is robust and not only guarantees secure fastening, but also quick installation (press in).

    Customer benefits

    • Robust
    • Fast installation (press in)
    • High torque resistance
    • Reduced costs
  • Fastening a towing eye

    The towing eye of a vehicle can be subjected to heavy loads. You get a secure fastening with the FORMTEC special nut.

    The newly developed system enables installation of the towing eye directly in the plastic frame.

    Customer benefits

    • High mechanical performance
    • Low-cost
    • Fast installation (press in to set)
  • Fastening system for a vehicle battery

    This stud with a plastic cage has been designed and developed with the aim of reducing the cost compared to that of the previous turned part.

    Customer benefits

    • Added blue colour improves visibility in the engine
    • Increased weight
    • Screw-in time reduced by half
  • Fastening the spare wheel

    Thanks to the internal and external thread, this assembly can be fastened on the car body and also can be used to fasten the wheel.

    Customer benefits

    • Internal and external thread
    • Safe and reliable
  • Cabinet latch

    This special latch was developed to rapidly install and remove the rear rails of control cabinets.

    Customer benefits

    • Reduced processing time
    • Grounding function

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