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Custom-made drawing parts made of plastic


Technical plastic products and sub-assemblies – customised, precise and functional.

TEPRO® custom engineering parts as plastic or metal/plastic solution

Solutions for virtually any application

For greater design freedom

Whether it’s shape, colour or function – your individual requirements are taken into account when developing technical components. We are the perfect partner for customised solutions to meet your highly specialised requirements.

Plus factors

Advantages of TEPRO®

  • In-house development, design and prototype manufacture

    Your initial ideas are the starting point for developing customised solutions. In order to make these ideas a reality, we work with modern CAD systems, delivering concepts quickly.

  • State-of-the-art tool making

    Whether it’s milling, die sinking, grinding or turning – we rely on the highly automated production of injection moulding machines. For the assembly of individual parts to the final product, we make complex installation processes possible. 100% controlled.

  • Plastics expertise

    Injection moulding at its best. We work with state-of-the-art injection moulding machines and cooperate closely with leading primary producers.

Method and principle

From the initial concept to implementation

We provide support for your projects – from the initial idea to its implementation. We maintain a dialogue with you throughout the working process. Intelligent innovation management and intensive discussions concerning your requirements help us find the right customised fastener solutions.

TEPRO® – design parts and sub-assemblies
TEPRO® design parts and sub-assemblies

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Customer-specific development

TEPRO® product examples

Take your inspiration from our examples. We will be happy to develop a solution that is tailored to your own requirements.

  • Bar closures

    The TEPRO® turn bar system is installed in the boot on the flap of the side stowage box. It consists of a knob, a bar, a detent washer and a housing made completely of plastic.

  • Load floor handle

    The flush-mounted handle is easy to open by applying light pressure and reaching under the handle. When the handle is lifted, a locking mechanism is released so the load floor can be pulled up. After the handle is actuated, it returns automatically to the flush position and locks the load floor to prevent accidental opening.

  • Locking mechanism

    It is installed in a die-cast aluminium housing through press fitting and it fits tightly with no need for additional locking.

    Thanks to the geometry of the parts and the use of an O-ring, an oil-tight seal is created. The entire assembly is monitored via video to check for usability during automatic assembly of the seven components.

  • One-piece thrust washer

    The washer is installed as an interconnection between the wall, the differential gears and the bevel gears to ensure good sliding friction behaviour in differential gears. The product has to be highly reproducible in terms of the gauges for the four bore holes in relation to the length of the part.

  • Window stop

    The window stop is attached to the glass panels of the side doors with a self-tapping TEPRO® K' in K' screw. Rough tolerances of the glass drill hole can be compensated by the circumferential fins on the window stop. The taper recess on the K' in K' screw creates a backlash-free fit. This is possible due to the press fit in the cone of the window stop. In addition, the K' in K' screw has a reverse lock.

    TEPRO® K' in K' in detail
  • Fastening knob

    The bottom part is clipped to the top component and is made of two materials: a hard material for clipping to the top part and a soft material for the SNAPLOC® function. Both materials go through a two-component injection moulding process.

    The SNAPLOC® principle is based on a two-piece system consisting of a coupling and a ball stud. Inside the coupling there is a ball socket, into which the ball stud snaps.

    SNAPLOC® in detail

Information and more


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