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Bürstner uses SNAPLOC® plug-in connections to attach the rear lights of its Ixeo I 736 mobile homes.

Image of a Bürstner motor home

The world is yours – with Bürstner and Böllhoff

Intelligent fastening of rear lights with our SNAPLOC® system. By launching the new type I 736 of the Ixeo product range, Bürstner sets a new benchmark. Especially the exclusively developed rear lights are the focal point.

Initial situation

Faster light changes – any time, anywhere

The innovative Ixeo I mobile home series is defined by its modern structural design, ergonomic components and clever details. Rear lights significantly characterise the appearance of a motor home and can be considered an important design feature.
The new lights, comprising a combination of LED and classic filament technology, were exclusively developed for Bürstner. The aim was to make them simple to remove and reinstall whenever a bulb change or maintenance work is needed. To meet the specific design criteria, an “invisible” connection strategy was also required.

Rear view of a Bürstner motor home
Rear view of a Bürstner motor home


SNAPLOC® plug-in connections – a simple principle for complex requirements

SNAPLOC® is a two-part fastening system consisting of ball stud and coupling.
The self-tapping ball stud forms or cuts a thread into the motor home’s rear wall. The coupling is attached by simply being pushed into the rear light. Inside the coupling there is a ball socket, into which the ball stud snaps.

Selection of SNAPLOC® ball studs and couplings – vibration and noise-decoupling plug-in connections
SNAPLOC® ball studs and couplings
SNAPLOC® vibration and noise decoupling Design principle


Push-on to assemble, pull-off to remove

The easy-to-remove SNAPLOC® plug-in connections make for quick and easy light replacement. The system is also invisible from the outside on the rear light and decouples vibrations that can occur when driving the motor home.
Eight SNAPLOC® systems with a ball diameter of 10 mm are installed in an Ixeo I 736.

SNAPLOC® impressed Bürstner – and can recently also be found in interior roof lights of the Ixeo I.

Customer benefits

  • Fast and easy assembly and disassembly
  • Cost effective
  • Easily integrated into customer component
  • Vibration and noise decoupling
  • Tolerance compensation
The rear lights of the Bürstner IXEO I 736 are removed with the aid of SNAPLOC® plug-in connections
The rear lights of the Bürstner IXEO I 736 are removed with the aid of SNAPLOC® plug-in connections

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