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Technical information

RIVKLE® setting tools for blind rivet nuts

We provide you all relevant information and assistance to our setting tools for RIVKLE® blind rivet nuts and studs.

RIVKLE® B2007 – Cordless setting tool for processing RIVKLE® blind rivet nuts and studs (M 3 to M 10)

Maintenance videos

You are not sure, how to maintain your blind rivet nut setting tool? Quick and easy – we are happy to provide you a short video guideline.


Do you need further support?

Welcome to our FAQ section. Here you can find answers to the most common situations you may face in practice.

FAQ – Setting methods

  • Do not open the RIVKLE® setting tool and contact our maintenance service. 

    Phone: +49 800 1146580

  • RIVKLE® blind rivet nuts are developed to meet the mechanical requirements of strength class 8.8.

  • In our video, we explain where you can find the right setting force.

    Force controller FC340 for RIVKLE® setting tools
  • You can easily set the stroke by yourself. You can find a detailed explanation in the following video.

    RIVKLE® P2005 Stroke adjustment
  • The recommended pressure is 5 to 7 bar.

  • The B2007 should be set to the "load measurement" mode.

  • The P2005 is a stroke setting device. Measuring the load is not relevant.

  • We strongly advise not to. It could twist the component and alter its mechanical features. Some setting tools will go on default since the stroke limit is reached before the load (B2007).

  • We strongly advises not to.

FAQ – Mandrels and anvils

FAQ – Mandrels life time

FAQ – Compressed air system

FAQ – Oil life cycle

FAQ – Guarantee

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