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RIVQUICK® blind rivets for joining thin-walled components securely

RIVQUICK® blind rivet

Long-lasting joints

Flexible and efficient

For joining components that can only be accessed from one side: with RIVQUICK® blind rivets, thin-walled components can be joined permanently

Plus factors

Advantages of RIVQUICK®

  • Proven joining system

    Always a good solution for hollow bodies, housings or profiles with joining points without rear access.

  • No heat generation

    No distortion, no heat tinting. Unlike with welding, the workpiece will not be affected. This means it can even be used in coated components.

  • Suitable for coated components

    The surface coating of the components is not damaged by the riveting process.

  • Wide range of materials for the fastener

    Including aluminium, steel, stainless steel, etc.

Method and principle

Insert, rivet, done.

The blind rivet is inserted into the bore hole on the component. The setting tool pulls on the riveting mandrel in order to deform the rivet body and join it tightly to the component. When the breaking force is reached, the riveting mandrel snaps at the predetermined breaking point and can simply be disposed of.

RIVQUICK® Blind rivets The riveting process

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Find the right solution for your application

RIVQUICK® product types

Single-sided fastening, multiple applications: the right blind rivet for every material.

  • RIVQUICK® Standard blind rivets


    • Wide variety of material combinations for blind rivets
    • Different head shapes
    • Very cost-effective
    RIVQUICK® Standard in our eShop
  • RIVQUICK® Varigrip multigrip blind rivets


    • Tight fit, even for different bore hole diameters
    • Vibration resistant
    • Wide clamping range
    • The mandrel does not protrude on the setting head
    • Storage and cost advantages
    RIVQUICK® Varigrip in our eShop
  • RIVQUICK® Sealed type rivets


    • Air and water-tight up to 3 bar (in appropriate applications!)
    • Can be installed with standard blind rivet tools
    RIVQUICK® sealed type rivets in our eShop
  • RIVQUICK® Varibulb high-strength blind rivets

    The predetermined breaking point of the mandrel and retention within the rivet body ensure an exceptionally high shear strength.

    The specific deformation created at the moment of riveting and the distribution of the joining forces make it possible to rivet thin sheet materials.

    RIVQUICK® Varibulb in our eShop
  • RIVQUICK® Varibolt high-strength rivets

    The very high shear strength achieved with these rivets ensures greater stability in the mounted components. The rivet can also be used for joining components of differing thicknesses.
    The rivet’s wide clamping range makes it possible to rationalise rivet usage and therefore reduce inventory levels.

    RIVQUICK® Varibolt in our eShop
  • RIVQUICK® Varilock high-strength blind rivets


    • A single rivet joint can replace multiple standard rivet joints
    • Tightness of the rivet joint is guaranteed
    • Excellent stability when subject to dynamic loads
    • Strong axial pressing of components with joining gaps against one another
    RIVQUICK® Varilock in our eShop
  • RIVQUICK® Speed rivets

    These blind rivets are specially developed for semi-automatic assembly. When using the speed fastening method, there is no need to load each one into the setting tool individually. You can install up to 70 blind rivets per minute.

  • RIVQUICK® Special blind rivets


    • Soft/brittle components
    • Blind hole applications
    • Earthing/ground joints
    • Painted components


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RIVQUICK® technology

Information and more


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