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Direct screw-fittings

EJOT ALtracs® Plus

Optimize processes and reduce costs with EJOT ALtracs® Plus self-tapping screws.

Image of the EJOT ALtracs® Plus self-tapping screw.

For more safety

Optimally fasten components that are stressed: With the EJOT ALtracs® Plus screw for light metals

Thinner, lighter, better fastened – it’s not surprising that self-tapping screws are gaining more and more significance in the market. EJOT ALtracs® plus screws can be used wherever light metals must be quickly and reliably fastened. Their properties allow the work steps of drilling, thread-cutting, and cleaning to be avoided, thus making the screw particularly economical.

Plus factors

EJOT ALtracs® Plus advantages

  • Suitable for lightweight construction

    The optimized thread geometry of the EJOT ALtracs® Plus enables the use of smaller and shorter screw dimensions, yet its high strength remains the same.

  • Vibration-resistant

    Even without additional safety elements the connection is extremely vibration-resistant.

  • Metric compatibility

    Multiple repeat fastenings are possible. In addition, if there is a need for service, the EJOT ALtracs® Plus can be replaced by a metric screw.

  • High screw safety

    Minimal loss of preload force: The screw holds even under high dynamic and thermal load.

  • Reliable

    High installation safety: Thanks to low installation torque, the EJOT ALtracs® Plus is particularly well-suited for automatic fastenings.

Method and principle

Safe direct fastening for thin-walled light metal components

EJOT ALtracs® Plus is a direct fastener that joins components securely and enduringly without an additional thread-cutting process. Since work steps that were previously necessary – drilling, thread-cutting, cleaning are avoided – you can perform the entire assembly process with greater cost-efficiency. Along with optimizing tool procurement, stock-keeping and cycle times, savings of up to 30 percent can be realized.

Illustration of the work steps for setting screws
EJOT ALtracs® Plus screw work steps compared with the work steps of a conventional screw.
Functionality of the EJOT ALtracs® Plus

The EJOT ALtracs® Plus in detail

  • Optimized thread geometry

    With a screw flank angle of 33° instead of 60°, the EJOT ALtracs® Plus achieves a higher connection strength because the load capacity of the nut thread is geometrically increased. The smaller displacement volume of the 33° flank causes lower insertion torques.

    • Low material displacement due to small 33° flank
    • Larger nut thread tooth
    • Greater load capacity of each individual EJOT ALtracs® Plus thread turn
    • Shorter length of thread engagement is possible
  • Thread structure

    A flat load flank of 22° causes a large axial force component (preload force) and low radial tension. The 11° rear flank prevents premature failure of the thread flank at high preload forces. The tooth root reinforcement provides a stable connection of the thread flank to the screw core.

    • Small load flank of 22° generates high preload force
    • Additional stability due to 11° rear flank that absorbs high preload force
    • Stable connection of the 33° thread flank to the screw core through tooth root reinforcement
  • In comparison: A 60° thread

    Thread of a screw with 60° flank angle in detail
    • Smaller nut thread tooth than EJOT ALtracs® Plus
    • Reduced load capacity of each individual thread turn
    • Greater length of thread engagement necessary
  • Metric compatibility

    The EJOT ALtracs® Plus at assembly forms a thread that you can also reuse for metric screws. If service or repair should be necessary, you can install conventional screws with no problems.

  • Circular thread geometry

    The large flank coverage results in higher extraction forces. The circular contact surfaces in the thread enable higher self-locking and thus an increased screw-locking function. Since more thread flanks are in use, the acceptance of bore tolerances is higher.

    • Maximum flank coverage
    • Larger bore tolerances are possible
  • Improved thread-forming zone

    • Non-circular short point
    • Easy setting of the screw
    • Safe penetration into the material
    • Safe penetration into any cast skin that may be present

Load capacity of the screw connection

The EJOT ALtracs® Plus cuts a play-free nut thread in light metal. Together with the geometrically reinforced nut thread tooth and the strain hardening effect when forming the thread turns, it produces a screw connection with high resiliency – even under thermal load.
Moreover, the formed EJOT ALtracs® Plus thread attains high dynamic safety due to the effective clamping torque. Additional measures are not necessary, including polyamide coating, micro-encapsulation or underhead profiling.

EJOT ALtracs® Plus compared with metric screws

Relative to strength class 8.8

  • Higher preload forces
  • Thus, it may be possible to use smaller screw dimensions
  • Comparable long-term behaviour
  • Higher break loose torques
  • Greater axial extraction forces

Relative to property class 10.9

  • Comparable preload forces
  • Comparable long-term behaviour
  • Higher loosening torques
  • Greater axial extraction forces

EJOT ALtracs® Plus compared to non-circular screws

The design of the ALtracs® Plus thread geometry enables ideal exploitation of the material properties.

  • Significant assembly safety due to high overtorque
  • High and constant preload forces due to reinforced nut thread flanks
  • Minimal creep tendency under thermal load and/or dynamic load through large thread overlap
  • Reduced screw-in depth is possible, i.e. shorter screws, smaller components, less weight, more favourable wear conditions in the die-casting tool
  • Good repeat assembly
  • High vibration resistance

Unlike other thread cross-sections, the ALtracs® Plus thread is completely engaged on its circular perimeter and fully loadable.

This, together with the higher load capacity of the geometrically reinforced nut thread, results in the following advantages in practice

  • Higher preload forces with shorter length of engagement
  • Improved long-term behaviour (residual clamping force, dynamic safety)
  • Higher extraction force
  • Castable bore tolerances


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