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At a glance: the Böllhoff Group in numbers.


At a glance


As a global partner to industry, we are represented on five continents – close to markets, close to our customers.

We grow with new challenges. To enable us to satisfy our customers' demands, we are constantly expanding our offer – with innovative products and services. In this way we tap into new markets and help our existing customers to expand in their own market. Our extensive network ensures that we are on hand to advise our customers in many parts of the world.

Key figures

Our global network

  • 45 companies
  • 40 locations in 24 countries
  • 12 production facilities
  • 50 sales agencies worldwide

Our workforce

  • 3000 employees
  • 1375 of them based in Germany

Our economic strength (2017)

  • Turnover EUR 620 million (consolidated)
  • Annual capital investment in excess of EUR 43 million

Annual Report 2015 of the Böllhoff Group


Highlights of the Böllhoff Group in 2015 and outlook for 2016

We are happy to invite you to read about innovation in joining technology (using the examples of Mercedes, Husqvarna and Bavaria Yachtbau), integrated energy management and corporate social responsibility in our annual report.

The innovative joining technology is tightly coupled with investments in existing and new capacity. We have described the necessary changes and activities in our plants in Germany (Bielefeld and Sonnewalde), Austria and China.

Of course, an annual report is nothing without (good) figures, more insights into the company and a look into the future.

Passion for successful joining. That's our impetus we would like to share with the annual report and in meetings with you.

Request a copy of the Annual Report 2015!

Annual Report 2015 of the Böllhoff Group

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