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Sealing technology


High-strength screwing and maximum sealing

SEAL LOCK® sealing nut

For a perfect seal

Easy to install, twice as reliable

SEAL LOCK® sealing nuts provide a reliable seal against gas or liquids, even under high pressure. They seal simultaneously inside the thread and below the head. The one-piece sealing nuts can be fit quickly.

Plus factors

Advantages of SEAL LOCK®

  • Seal

    Double sealing action. SEAL LOCK® seals simultaneously inside the thread and below the head against liquids and gas.

  • High preload force

    The metal coating prevents a loss of preload force when the sealing ring is installed.

  • Resistance

    The temperature resistance of SEAL LOCK® sealing nuts is -40 °C to 110 °C.

Method and principle

The reliable solution for sealing a bolt-nut thread

SEAL LOCK® sealing nuts are one-piece structural elements. Sealing against leakage is provided in both the thread and the bearing face. SEAL LOCK® sealing nuts provide a high-strength threaded connection with no loss of preload force – even after repeated screw fastenings.


SEAL LOCK® sealing nut

Information and more


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