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Protects screws against tampering – the universal solution for preventing unauthorized loosening of your screw connections.

A PARRYPLUG® product and a screw, in which a plug is inserted.

For tamper-proof connections

Locking for screw drives: PARRYPLUG® protects against tampering

Do you want to protect your screw connections from unauthorized intervention? The PARRYPLUG® offers a quick and clean solution for such cases. The lock element is seated securely in the inner drive of the screw and prevents unauthorized loosening of your connection.

Plus factors

Advantages of PARRYPLUG®

  • Fast and easy installation

    The simple installation and handling aid with magazine enables easy and reliable installation.

  • Optimal press-fit

    Thanks to high production accuracy the PARRYPLUG® is optimally press-fitted in the drive, and offers long-term protection.

  • Universal application

    PARRYPLUG® offers unlimited implementation possibilities, for example for marking individual screws or as an effective measure to prevent dirt accumulation.

  • High-performance

    PARRYPLUG® is made of high-performance plastic. The material allows a broad temperature range from -50 °C to +200 °C.

  • Attractive and uniform

    The locking element of the PARRYPLUG® is visually impressive. Custom colour schemes can be implemented on request.

Method and principle

Innovative solution for optimal protection

Unauthorized loosening of screws on machines and equipment is a serious hazard. Therefore it is often necessary to effectively prevent undesired intervention. While conventional solutions irrevocably destroy the screw drive, PARRYPLUG® offers a completely new and innovative solution.

Axial ribs that protect against tampering

The locking principle of the PARRYPLUG® is based on specially designed axial ribs. These specially designed ribs guarantee a secure press-fit in the screw drive. With PARRYPLUG® the locking element locks flush or slightly recessed with the head of the screw. Even with severe vibration, the position in the drive remains ensured.

To take into account the fine tolerances of common hexagon socket drives, these locking elements are manufactured to the highest standards. Use of high-performance plastic allows a wide temperature range from -50 °C to +200 °C.

PARRYPLUG® close-up with axial ribs emphasized
PARRYPLUG®'s axial ribs generate a secure press-fit

Installation and operation

PARRYPLUG® – smart and simple

Installation of the PARRYPLUG® is quite simple: Up to six plugs in the magazine enable simple installation without tools. Effortlessly insert the plug into the screw drive with a handling aid. Detach the individual plug from the handling aid by turning or tilting it. After insertion, you immediately have clean and effective protection. The installation procedure is repeated without any further preparation until all of the plugs have been installed.

The PARRYPLUG® three-step installation process explained.
PARRY PLUG® convenient installation ensured through handling aid

Find the right solution for your application

PARRYPLUG® product types


    This version is suitable for hexagon socket drives. It is available in the sizes SW3, SW4, SW5, SW6 and SW8.

    Special suitability for the following standards

    • SW3
      • M4: DIN 912, ISO 4762, DIN 6912
      • M5: ISO 7380-1 / 7380-2, ISO 10642, DIN 7984
    • SW4
      • M5: 912, ISO 4762, DIN 6912
      • M6: ISO 7380-1 /7380-2, DIN 7984, ISO 10642
    • SW5
      • M6: DIN 912, ISO 4762, DIN 6912
      • M8: ISO 7380‑1 / 7380‑2, DIN 7984, ISO 10642
    • SW6
      • M8: DIN 912, ISO 4762, DIN 6912
      • M10: ISO 7380‑1 / 7380‑2, ISO 10642
    • SW8
      • M10: DIN 912, ISO 4762, DIN 6912
      • M12: ISO 7380‑1 / 7380‑2, DIN 7984, ISO 10642

    This version is suitable for hexalobular socket drives.

    Available in the following sizes

    • TX25
      • Suitable for (screw) drives of size TX25/T25/ISR25
      • For example for: ISO 7045, ISO 14579, ISO 14580, ISO 15481
    • Other dimensions will be added soon
  • PARRYPLUG® Starter Set

    The PARRYPLUG® starter set is ideal for fitters and technical field staff. This set contains plugs in the most common spanner sizes (SW3 to SW8) as well as a special removal tool. If maintenance work is required on a machine, a plug can simply be dismounted and then replaced. Thus ensuring quick recommissioning.


    • PARRYPLUG® SW3 (10 units)
    • PARRYPLUG® SW4 (10 units)
    • PARRYPLUG® SW5 (10 units)
    • PARRYPLUG® SW6 (10 units)
    • PARRYPLUG® SW8 (10 units)
    • Removal tool (1 unit)

PARRYPLUG® – the all-rounder for screws

PARRYPLUG® is suitable for all areas where the safety of people and machinery is at risk. Thanks to the easy install procedure and tamper prevention function, PARRYPLUG® is also effective for many other application areas. For example, this locking element is effective for marking screws or for preventing dirt from collecting outdoors and in food industry implementation.

Information and more


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