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Best performance through optimal cooling with SEALING PLUG.

Picture of a laser unit

Highest precision with SEALING PLUG

Raylase GmbH is a leading provider of high-precision opto-mechanical solutions for laser material processing. The company relies on our PULLPLUG™ for the permanent sealing of drill holes in cooling systems with water.

Initial situation

Our interface - a waterproof solution

The company focuses on laser beam deflection units. With the help of galvanometer scanners and axes, self developed precision optics allow highly dynamic, fast deflection and modulation of the laser beam. The focused laser beam from the deflection units hits the component in configurable process fields of different sizes. The component is cut, welded, structured or cleaned.

With the AXIALSCAN FIBER series, RAYLASE offers a product line that can be easily integrated into any laser system due to different interfaces. It is highly configurable and IP64 rated for heavy use in industrial environments. RAYLASE manufac­tures this product in a Class 7000 clean room. The cooling of this system requires various auxiliary holes, which must be permanently sealed. Screws with sealing adhesive were used in the past. This process was time intensive and only party process safe.

Picture of AS FIBER-30 with Monitoring Modul RAYSPECTOR
AS FIBER-30 with Monitoring Modul RAYSPECTOR


PULLPLUG™ - Series LRST efficient plugging of auxiliary holes

The PULLPLUG™ is part of the SEALING PLUG product family. It is used for permanent closing and sealing of drill holes in pneumatic and hydraulic components and systems.

PULLPLUG™ with mandrel – Series RST
Assembly of the PULLPLUG® RST and LRST


Fast assembly without additional sealants due to preset tensile force

To close the auxiliary holes in this application in the aluminum housing, PULLPLUG™ LRST made of aluminum, nominal diameter 8 mm, are used. They are installed with the hand-held B2007 battery-powered setting tool with preset tensile force. The process is controlled by tensile force and not by stroke. Assembly takes place without further sealing by a sealing compound. This process reduces the assembly time of the cooling system to a fraction of the previous duration. The process-safe and simple handling of tool and closure component provides consistently good quality.

In this application, the PULLPLUG™ LRST are tested with 6 bar of compressed air and are permanently sealed against cooling water.

Customer benefits

  • Simple hole preparation
  • High reliability
  • Fast assembly
    • Without additional sealant
  • Assembly with hand held Böllhoff battery or pneumatic tool 

Information and more


Interested in the SEALING PLUG? You can download further information here.