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Efficient and permanent sealing of auxiliary holes.

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Reliable for a clean future

Albonair GmbH is an internationally operating automotive supplier with the aim of reducing nitrogen oxides and making the air cleaner. Therefor the company relies on our SEALING PLUGs for the permanent sealing of boreholes.

Initial situation

Technologies for exhaust gas aftertreatment

Worldwide, emission standards for diesel engines are becoming stricter. Therefore innovative and cost-efficient solutions for exhaust gas aftertreatment are necessary and in demand. In this challenge, we try to support our customers with individually tailored solutions. 

Albonair is an international leader in the field of exhaust gas treatment. The product range includes the SCR system, which consists of two units (tank and catalytic converter). The SCR process is used to reduce nitrogen oxides. Here, the reducing AdBlue/DEF is injected into the exhaust tract. In order to achieve the best possible results, the finest possible atomisation during injection is crucial. Various auxiliary holes are necessary for this system, and these must be permanently closed to ensure functionality.


SEALING PLUG – Efficient sealing of auxiliary holes

The SEALING PLUG is an all-metal part consisting of two components, which functions according to the push or pull-spread principle. It is used to permanently close and seal bores in pneumatic and hydraulic components and systems. The simple assembly is reliable and proven, even under high pressure.

SEALING PLUG – Ball sealing plugs of the Series 11
SEALING PLUG Ball sealing plugs of the Series 11
Installation of the SEALING PLUG with ball


Highest reliability with simultaneous high productivity thanks to automated assembly

In order to seal the auxiliary holes securely against 10 bar, ball expanders in several sizes in steel and stainless steel are used.

The assembly process begins with the SEALING PLUG being inserted into the stepped bore with the ball facing outwards. The ball expander is then pressed in and compressed fully automatically with a defined force. The setting distance serves as a second control variable. After proper assembly, the expander can immediately be pressurised with the operating pressure. If both values are within the target range, safe assembly is complete and high quality is guaranteed.

Areas of application can be found wherever flows need to be controlled and regulated. Typical applications include engines, transmission and drive trains, chassis and brake systems, steering and injection components, as well as various hydraulic applications.

Customer Benefit

  • Fully automatic assembly
  • Optimum press fit
  • Cost-effective
  • High quality
Urea dosing system (©Albonair)
Urea dosing system ©Albonair

For a low-emission future

  • A typical field of application is trucks

  • The way to a green future

  • For the binding of nitrogen oxides in diesel engines