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Our joining solutions in the Vietnamese car manufacturer’s models

VinFast and Böllhoff – a Vietnamese-German success story

VinFast and Böllhoff – a Vietnamese-German road to success

The Vietnamese car manufacturer VinFast uses our RIVSET® Automation EH self-pierce riveting systems in the production of its Lux models. VinFast is a member of Vingroup - one of the largest private conglomerates in Asia. VinFast is Vietnam’s first domestic car brand and is set to conquer the international automotive world.

Initial situation

The Lux models

As part of a public tender, the Italian company Pininfarina received the multi-million dollar contract to create the design for a sedan and a SUV. At the same time, Vingroup acquired the rights to use the production technology of the German BMW Group. This resulted in the production of two 4-cylinder engine models in Vietnam: the Lux SA 2.0 SUV and the Lux A 2.0 sedan. The SUV is based on the BMW X5 which was produced until 2013 and the sedan on the BMW 5 Series which was produced from 2010 to 2017.

Production hall in Hai Phong ©VinFast
Production hall in Hai Phong ©VinFast


RIVSET® self-pierce riveting technology

As an expert in fastening and joining technology, Böllhoff and its newly established joint venture Bollhoff Vietnam is supporting the Vietnamese automotive company in the local manufacture of the Lux models. The RIVSET® self-pierce riveting technology is one of the solutions used in the car body production.

RIVSET® elements and self-pierce riveting system RIVSET® Automation EH
RIVSET® elements and self-pierce riveting system RIVSET® Automation EH
RIVSET® self-pierce riveting Setting process


High-strength joints

With RIVSET®, mixed materials and high-strength steels can be joined with minimal process times. Due to its modular design, the RIVSET® Automation EH assembly system is highly versatile and ideal for large-scale production. A long service life with maximum availability and minimal maintenance are important success factors.

Customer benefits

  • Highly versatile
  • Optional modules for configuration
  • Minimal maintenance
  • High quasi-static and dynamic strength
The Lux A 2.0 sedan
The Lux A 2.0 sedan ©VinFast
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