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Cost-effective procurement and supply with our ECOSIT® system

Let there be light

Around the world the JULABO brand is synonymous with liquid temperature control – more than 600,000 temperature control systems are installed across all industries. JULABO is a German company headquartered in Seelbach in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Its solutions are used wherever precise temperature control with high reproducibility is required.

Initial situation

Manual procurement process based on the kanban principle

The company's previous solution was a manual procurement process based on the kanban principle. C-Parts were accepted in Goods Receipt, self-posted and brought to the point of use via internal transport. If a requirement was identified in this procedure, the replenishment order was manually submitted to Purchasing – a cumbersome process chain.


ECOSIT® procurement and supply system with Pick-by-Light

Now JULABO uses the ECOSIT® procurement and supply system from Böllhoff to supply its manufacturing areas with C-Parts. ECOSIT® stands for "ECOnomic Supply In Time".
With this service package we take over the entire supply chain for our customers, including materials planning, procurement, quality testing, stock-keeping and distribution of goods to the
production line. We have been using RFID technology for years. If a product is running low, the worker simply inserts the label into the RFID Box to start the replacement process. We ensure that all items are available at all times, to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

JULABO uses the latest addition to the ECOSIT® product family: the ECOLABEL.
This electronic shelf tag permits flexible designation of items in the ECOSIT® system. All shelf labelling can be adapted directly on the touch display of the control centre – the so-called RFID Box. ECOLABEL accelerates picking processes on site with its Pick-by-Light function. If an item should be picked, an optical signal on the shelf label guides the worker directly to the appropriate bin – for faster locating of all items and fewer picking errors

Customer benefits

  • Initiating an order is fast and easy
  • Higher security of supply
  • Flexibility with, and reduction of delivery frequency
  • Shorter picking times
  • Shelf labelling is easy to change
Philipp Deotto, JULABO warehouse employee, uses the Pick-by-Signal with ECOSIT® ECOLABEL
Philipp Deotto, JULABO warehouse employee, uses the Pick-by-Signal function with the ECOSIT® ECOLABEL for faster locating of all items and fewer picking errors

"Expectations have been met 100 percent. It's faster and easier to locate items because after scanning the empty bin, the employee is guided by a light signal to the appropriate location on the shelf."

Markus Decker Acting Head of Work Preparation at JULABO