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Traveling with our SNAPLOC® plug-in connections in a Canadian luxury train.

The Rocky Mountaineer travels through Canada. (©Rocky Mountaineer)

SNAPLOC® conquers the Rocky Mountains

Our SNAPLOC® plug‑in systems are used in the seats designed by Probatec AG for Canadian luxury train, the “Rocky Mountaineer”. The company, located in Amberg, has been producing and installing custom solutions, such as seating and table systems, for rail and military vehicles since 1997.

Initial situation

The Rocky Mountaineer – first class comfort for passengers

The Canadian Rocky Mountaineer follows one of the world’s most popular train routes.
Passengers enjoy the perfect combination of nostalgia, natural beauty, and luxury train travel in a specially constructed single or double decker glass domed railcar. For safety reasons, the Rocky Mountaineer has an extra railcar with replacement parts. If a seat is damaged or soiled, for example, it can be replaced quickly so, the journey does not have to be interrupted for a longer period. Another important factor is the luxury seat design. To maintain a smooth seat surface, the fasteners should be hidden from view.

The Rocky Mountaineer – first-class comfort for passengers. (©Rocky Mountaineer)
The Rocky Mountaineer first-class comfort for passengers (©Rocky Mountaineer)


SNAPLOC® – the decoupling plug-in connection

In cooperation with Probatec AG, Böllhoff was involved in the seat design and development from the very beginning.
The experts quickly identified it as the perfect application area for SNAPLOC®.
SNAPLOC® is a two‑part system – consisting of a ball stud and a coupling – for quick installation.
The ball stud cuts a thread into the plastic underpart of the seat. As the counterpart, the coupling is mounted by simply being pushed into the seat attachment frame. Inside the coupling there is a ball socket, into which the ball stud can snap.

SNAPLOC® ball stud and coupling – vibration and noise-decoupling plug-in connection
SNAPLOC® ball stud and coupling vibration and noise decoupling plug-in connection
SNAPLOC® vibration and noise decoupling Design principle


Easy seat replacement

Push-on to install, pull‑off to remove – the easy installation and removal of SNAPLOC® significantly simplifies seat replacement. But that’s not all. SNAPLOC® also decouples any noise or vibration which might occur while the train is in motion.
Each seat uses five SNAPLOC® systems with a diameter of 10 mm.

Customer benefits

  • Quick and easy installation and removal
  • Cost-effective fastening system
  • Easily integrated into customer component
  • Vibration and noise decoupling
  • Tolerance compensation

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