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kessler systems

Process-reliable bonding of ONSERT® fasteners in touch displays

kessler systems and Böllhoff create contact points

kessler systems and Böllhoff create contact points

kessler systems uses our ONSERT® fasteners when producing touch displays for tool dispensing systems. As an expert in conductor plates, electronic components, systems and tools, kessler systems has produced over seven million components and implemented more than 1,000 projects worldwide since the company was founded in 2010.

Initial situation

Display fastening to tool dispensing systems

One customer of kessler systems is Gühring KG, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of rotating precision tools for metal cutting. Its portfolio also includes tool management systems. Tool dispensing systems including IT-based management systems connect production with information technology, increasing efficiency as well as flexibility. The integrated Gühring tool management software is easy to use via the touch display attached to the tool dispensing system.

kessler systems installs these displays as part of their own production processes. Reliable fasteners are required to attach the two halves of the display. To support the touch screen design, they must not be visible on the glass surface. It must also be easy to screw the finished display to the housing of the material dispensing system.
For larger glass surfaces or touch screens, the elements used also need to be flexibly and efficiently processed.


ONSERT® – bonding of fastening elements

The ONSERT® Smart fasteners with a transparent plastic socket are bonded to the customer component using light-curing adhesive. The most important aspects are the short cycle times, the material-friendly process and the flexibility of the fasteners used.

ONSERT® technology enables the adhesive bonding of various fasteners to a wide range of materials. As a specialist in mechanical joining systems, Böllhoff and DELO (the expert in intelligent adhesive technology) have developed a new fastening system which combines the best of both worlds.

ONSERT® Portable Mini Battery-operated manual installation tool


Process-reliable fastening of display halves

With the ergonomic ONSERT® Portable and its short curing times, kessler systems processes both smaller and larger quantities efficiently. About 10,000 ONSERT® Smart fasteners (dimension M6x18) are installed annually in displays for tool dispensing systems.

Customer benefits

  • Full mechanical load capacity immediately after irradiation (< 4 seconds)
  • Fastening elements cannot be seen on the visible side
  • The ONSERT® joint does not need a drilling into the glass surface
  • Can be processed manually or automatically
Bonded ONSERT® in a kessler systems display (© kessler systems)
Bonded ONSERT® in a kessler systems display (© kessler systems)

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