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13/10/2023 | Company

New building in China inaugurated

In September 2023, the fifth expansion stage of our site in Wuxi was opened with a family day for all employees.

Sven Ammer, Managing Director Region Asia at Böllhoff, and further employees celebrate the opening of the new building in Wuxi

The theme of the family day:

a Böllhoff journey around the globe

More than 550 people - Böllhoff employees as well as their families - accepted the invitation to the family day and took the opportunity to celebrate the opening of the new building in Wuxi, China. During the festivities, a total of 14 countries in which Böllhoff is represented with its own locations could be visited at various stands - including Germany, France, and Switzerland. The stands offered a wide variety of games, especially for the youngest guests, along with delicacies typical of the country.

All visitors also had the opportunity to take guided tours around the premises and the new building. Anniversary ceremonies were an integral part of the programme as well: A total of 44 employees were honoured at the family day for their many years of loyalty to the company.

A female guide shows interested people around the company at the Böllhoff Group’s family day in Wuxi (China)
Guided tours of the company took visitors through all areas, from the warehouse to production.

More impressions of the family day

  • The opening of the new Phase V building in Wuxi, China, provided an ideal opportunity to celebrate together with local employees.

  • “A Böllhoff journey around the globe”

    In keeping with the motto of the family day ("A Böllhoff journey around the globe"), the visit began at several check-in desks.

  • “Boarding completed”

    After checking in at the entrance, visitors received their visitor passes which, of course, looked like a boarding pass.

  • There was plenty of fun and games on offer at various stands during the family day

    and various Böllhoff fasteners could also be tested.

  • With Böllhoff China for 5 years now

    34 employees were honoured for this milestone at the family day.

  • With Böllhoff China for 10 years now

    10 employees were awarded at the family day for a decade of loyalty to the company.

Phase V expansion project in China:

focus on increasing production capacity and sustainability

With the opening of our new Phase V building in Wuxi, 12,000 m² of additional space is now available for our Thread Technology division (around 1.7 football pitches in size). The modern building complex includes additional production areas and offices, as well as a company restaurant for the approx. 300 employees on site.

A goal of the expansion project was to combine higher production capacity with the concept of sustainability. The new building is therefore heated using heat pumps. Thermal energy generated during production is reused for the underfloor heating in the company restaurant. In addition, the flat roof of the restaurant was partly covered with plants. More than 5,000 plants create a habitat for insects, contribute to air purification and protect the roof from direct sunlight, especially in summer.

The new Böllhoff building in Wuxi, China with a “greened” company restaurant - and office space as well as production halls behind it.
The new Böllhoff building in Wuxi, China (on the right) with the partially “greened” company restaurant - and office spaces as well as production halls behind it. A pedestrian bridge provides access to the neighbouring building.

Largest photovoltaic system within the Böllhoff Group partially covers power requirements

The use of renewable energies is a top priority with the new building. Part of the power requirements on site are covered using the largest photovoltaic system within the Böllhoff Group. In its current expansion stage, the PV system has an output of 800 kWp. We will thus be able to generate more than 800,000 kWh of electricity per year directly on site and reduce CO2 emissions by about 682 tonnes. This reduction potential results from the fact that coal as a fossil fuel plays a major role in electricity generation in China. Our PV system in Wuxi can be expanded to a potential output of up to 1.3 MWp in the future.

The photovoltaic system on the roof of the new Böllhoff Phase V building complex in Wuxi, China
The photovoltaic system on the roof of the new production halls in Wuxi, China

"With our fifth expansion stage at the Wuxi site in China, we are emphasising sustainability through green energy while also seeking even greater customer proximity, shortening our time to market and development times."

Sven Ammer, Managing Director Region Asia at Böllhoff Group
Sven Ammer Managing Director Region Asia

Customer proximity as a driving force behind the expansion

The expansion of our production site in China is part of our approach to be close to our customers worldwide, in line with what we call 360° joining technology. We think globally and act locally: with a total of 43 Böllhoff locations around the globe, 14 of which are production sites.

At the site in Wuxi, China, we have been producing various fasteners specifically for the Asian market since 2004, including RIVKLE® blind rivet nuts and studs, various thread inserts and fasteners made of plastic. The current expansion significantly increases our local manufacturing capacity from 680 million fasteners annually to one billion fasteners. 

More impressions of the new building

  • The unloading area for the new production halls

  • A look inside the newly opened company restaurant

  • Green areas and a small fountain in front of the company restaurant invite employees to have lunch outside.

  • Up to 1 billion fasteners per year can be produced at the Böllhoff site in Wuxi following this expansion, specifically for the Asian market.