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08/02/2022 | Products and Services

RIVKLE® solutions for electric vehicle battery packs

RIVKLE® Seal Ring fastening comined with Böllhoff assembly solutions

RIVKLE® Seal Ring

RIVKLE® Seal Ring fastening combined with Böllhoff assembly solutions for electric vehicles battery packs

Battery packs in electric vehicles must be sealed both to protect the internal components from external damage and also to protect the exterior from the risk of toxic fumes in the event of failure.

Böllhoff has developed the RIVKLE® Seal Ring range of crimping nuts and studs with integrated and captive sealing function for battery pack applications.

The resulting assembly is robust and fluid tight; the entire range meets the most stringent sealing quality requirements (ISO 20653 IPX7) and automotive quality requirements.

In combination with Böllhoff's automatic setting tools, the RIVKLE® solution is optimised in terms of cost and speed of installation, with an unprecedented level of validation of the quality of the implemented product (process control).

This global approach also allows optimal machine availability, thanks to both a high autonomy of the machines (automatic function "2nd try" with replacement of the RIVKLE®) and reduced frequencies and periods of maintenance (optimized TCO).

Video presenting our RIVKLE® solution for battery tray applications such as battery tray cover or electrical connections.

RIVKLE® Seal Ring Fastening and assembly solutions for battery packs


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