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Success stories


Two clever solutions for the future heating

The SolvisBen heating system

Solvis creates heat. Life. Future.

The German company Solvis, one of the leading suppliers of heating systems in Europe, uses for the assembly of technical housings on their heating systems our SNAPLOC® plug-in connections.

Initial Situation

SolvisBen – the “better heating system”

The compact free-standing device SolvisBen was developed as an innovative heating system. Compared to conventional gas or oil condensing boilers, it is characterised by the integrated combustion chamber. Solvis heating systems are modular, expandable and extremely durable. They do not only supply heat, but they also provide hygienic fresh water exactly where it is needed.

The SolvisBen heating system has a technical housing. It is insulation, mounting support and casing at the same time and symbolises the energy efficiency of the system. The door of this housing should be easy to open and close for maintenance or fine adjustment and not have any visible joining elements. Previously, Solvis used conventional locking joints, which proved to be too cumbersome in long term use. While searching for a suitable alternative, the company became aware of the Böllhoff SNAPLOC® plug-in connections.

Heating system SolvisBen
Heating system SolvisBen ©Solvis GmbH


SNAPLOC® plug-in connections for panel mounting

A ball pin, a coupling – the simple principle of the SNAPLOC® plug-in connections ensures an optimal fit while decoupling vibration. For this purpose, a ball socket is formed within the coupling, in which the ball pin can snap into.

SNAPLOC®  plug-in connection consisting of bolt and coupling
SNAPLOC® plug-in connection consisting of bolt and coupling
SNAPLOC® vibration and noise decoupling Design principle


Quick, easy assembly and disassembly

With Solvis heating systems, the SNAPLOC® coupling is installed in a hole in the underside of the closing flap by simply pressing. With its bolt thread, the ball stud is screwed into the opposite housing, which has an internal thread. The maintenance flap can now be opened by simply pulling it or closed by pressing. This ensures that the technical housing can be opened and closed efficiently for maintenance. Per heating system, 4 SNAPLOC® plug-in connections are installed with a ball diameter of 7 mm. In the next five years, 50,000 – 60,000 SNAPLOC® parts will be supplied to Solvis. Further projects should be implemented soon.

Customer benefits 

  • Quick, easy assembly and disassembly
  • Simple integration into the customer component
  • Fastening system is not visible from the outside

Product properties

  • Vibration and noise decoupling
  • Tolerance compensation
SNAPLOC® installed on the door bracket in the SolvisBen heating system

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