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The ONSERT® Smart adhesive bonding fasteners enable SMEG to disassemble internal parts for maintenance or cleaning.

SMEG ovens (©SMEG)

SMEG ovens: Design made in Italy

Excellent cooking appliances with exclusive designs that always offer high performance. The goal was to further improve the quality perceived by the customer and focus on an enhanced silent operation as well as excellent mechanical performance.

Initial situation

Fixation of the internal components

The aim was to enable internal parts to be disassembled in case of maintenance or cleaning.

All this should assure the aesthetics of the product at the highest level of the market.

SMEG combi steam oven (©SMEG)
SMEG combi steam oven ©SMEG


More practical and efficient joining solution

Böllhoff presented a joining solution more practical and efficient based on the combination of the ONSERT® technology and SNAPLOC® coupling

The ONSERT® technology allows  adhesive bonding of various fasteners to a wide range of materials. As a specialist in mechanical joining systems, Böllhoff together with DELO developed, a new fastening system that combines the best of both worlds. The solution: our ONSERT® Smart.

Fastening elements with a socket made of transparent plastic are bonded to the customer's component using light-curing adhesives. The short cycle times, the material-friendly process as well as the flexibility of the fasteners and the processing are the most important aspects.
The manual processing of the ONSERT® fastener is done by the battery-operated LED curing lamp ONSERT® Portable Mini. Simply position the device, press down, and start the joining process by pressing the start button. The light source remains on for a specified exposure time, during which the adhesive hardens.



Oven internal parts are easy to disassemble and aesthetic features are assured

Because the ball stud and coupling are combined, drilling into the glass surface is not necessary.

Customer benefits

  • No drilling holes in the glass
  • Very easy to disassemble because the ball stud and coupling are combined
  • The fastening element is invisible from the outside
  • Fully mechanical load capacity immediately after the curing process (< 4 sec)
  • The grade of automation ranges from manual handtools to fully automated machines
ONSERT® ball stud adhered on glass
ONSERT® ball stud adhered on glass

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