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Simpler assembly processes and enhanced productivity

Photo of a Renault Duster driving in a field

High performance joining and optimised processes

Founded in 1898, the Renault Group is a world-famous French automobile manufacturer. As part of a strategy for continuous improvement, Renault and Böllhoff select the RIVQUICK® 7.5 rivet for simpler assembly processes and enhanced productivity.

Initial situation

Continuous improvement for joining solutions

During the manufacture of the vehicle and the operations to assemble its various components, some parts of the vehicle involve many technical constraints, among which, in some cases, blind installation.

On some specific models, such as the Renault Mégane or the Dacia Duster, during the assembly operations, the operator can attach the rear window wiper mechanism or the soundproofing material to the under-engine fairing only from one side. Moreover, conventional attaching systems require fastener holes with tight tolerances so that correct and permanent joining can be ensured.

These joining operations are traditionally carried out with:

  • Bolted joints, using bolts and nuts or staples, i.e. with two components
  • The need for access from both sides to install the bolt and the nut
  • Design work on the geometric scattering of the parts to be assembled, to refine the dimensional tolerances of the fastener holes

As part of a strategy for continuous improvement, Renault and Böllhoff have taken into account the product/process constraints associated with the materials to be attached in addition to the joining and installation equipment and have investigated new technical solutions to meet increasingly stringent quality requirements.


RIVQUICK® Slotted rivets

On several models of vehicles produced by the Renault Group, whether for the installation of the rear window wiper or the soundproofing material of the under-engine fairing, the requirement is the same: attaching a thick plastic component to a thin steel plate or a thin plastic wall. And this operation involves three essential criteria:

  • Quick installation with access on one side only, and safe for the operator
  • Robust attachment throughout the service life of the vehicle
  • Simple repair and maintenance of the assembled components

RIVQUICK® slotted rivets are designed specifically to meet the requirements of automotive applications. This is the option selected by Renault and Böllhoff. The version with integrated plastic ring is perfectly suited to the rear window wiper.

As a matter of fact, this technology offers major advantages:

  • The rivets allow misalignment and fastener holes with significant geometric scattering
  • There is no radial stress, which makes the slotted rivets compatible with thin and brittle materials, such as some plastics
  • The attaching operation is fast and easy for the operator and features high vibration resistance
RIVQUICK® Slotted rivet for automotive industry


Enhanced productivity and technical design gains

As far as the joining process is concerned, bolted joints have been replaced with riveted joints. This now allows only one type of fastener to be used. In addition to eliminating the problem of operator accessibility for the installation of bolts and nuts, riveting is also simpler, faster and more economical.

In terms of product design, the RIVQUICK® rivet allows for fastener holes with significant scattering, thereby making the design work easier and offering considerable savings on the design and manufacture of the parts to be assembled

Customer benefits

  • Enhanced productivity
  • Gains in terms of technical design
  • Economic gains
Renault Clio rear window wiper motor
Renault Clio Rear window wiper motor
Renault Duster under-engine fairing – source A2MAC1
Renault Duster Under-engine fairing ©A2MAC1