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The agricultural technology industry meets 360° joining technology

Solutions for agricultural technology

Efficiency. Productivity. Technology.

Agricultural technology has gained enormously in importance in recent years. The degree of technologisation is of decisive. The degree of technologisation is of decisive relevance and the requirements in production are correspondingly high. Our intelligent joining and assembly solutions play an important role here.

Böllhoff – your expert for the agricultural technology

Agricultural technology is an important area in agriculture and contributes to increasing crop yields, the quality of agricultural products and reducing labour costs and time. Agriculture has changed a lot in recent years and this is also reflected in agricultural technology. Modern agricultural technology includes a wide range of machinery and equipment used in tillage, planting, harvesting, feeding livestock, irrigation and much more. The machines and equipment help farmers to work more efficiently and productively.

As a manufacturer of agricultural machinery, you are required to keep up with the latest technological developments to meet the needs of farmers. This includes especially the areas of: automation, sustainability and precision.

We support you with smart joining and assembly solutions that simplify installation and enable innovative construction methods.

A drone flies over a field.

Your modules – our joining solutions

A solid and reliable connection is crucial for the functionality and safety of agricultural machinery, especially in applications with high loads and vibrations. We therefore place great emphasis on the selection and application of the right joining technology to ensure efficient and reliable operation of your machinery.


Take advantage of our expertise

Benefit from the extensive experience of our experts In our seminars and training courses we impart in-depth knowledge in all aspects of fastening technology – always practice-oriented and hands-on. Discover the diverse program of the Böllhoff Group with online seminars, technical seminars and training courses in Bielefeld or tailored events in your facilities.

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