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Blind rivet nuts made of stainless steel


New: RIVNUT® blind rivet nuts made of stainless steel with optimised tip projection

Thanks to new production techniques, Böllhoff – as the market-leading manufacturer for blind rivet nuts and studs – has developed a new RIVNUT® stainless steel product range.

Stainless steel blind rivet nuts are mainly used in applications, in which esthetic appearance and tightness are essential. The current challenges always generate new requirements. Modern innovations call for the use of appropriate joining elements - in this case with optimized head projection.

This product is made by Böllhoff

Detailed description


RIVNUT® elements with small countersunk head should achieve minimum head projection whilst avoiding insert failure when installing a screw. These characteristics are realized by an optimized head projection in the course of a new production technique.

The riveting can be done with any manual RIVNUT® tool.
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RIVNUT® Blindnietmutter aus Edelstahl in der Ausführung Teilsechskant mit kleinem Senkkopf

RIVNUT® blind rivet nut made of stainless steel

Semi-hexagonal with a small countersunk head


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English RK INOX 10/16 EN 2522 kB / PDF
English RK INOX 10/16 EN 2522 kb / PDF
The Original Blind Rivet Nut
English 07/14 3204 kB / PDF
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Blind rivet nuts and studs
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English 09/2017 5993 kb / PDF

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