Corporate responsibility

For generations we have understood our responsibility for the environment, the community and in particular for our staff.


Responsible practices

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the basis of our sustainable development.

Assuming corporate responsibility is part of our corporate culture and has been a practical reality for decades. From management of the company and how we act on the market to promoting the local community.

Böllhoff parabola



Acting responsibly and lawfully

The senior management and all employees of the Böllhoff Group have the goal of complying with the applicable regulations – be they provisions of law or Böllhoff rules.
To achieve this goal, we are providing all important rules that are relevant for the work of each of us in a comprehensible way. Then we achieve our objective to make Compliance part of our daily work. In addition, our Compliance System defines how the different contents of compliance with the rules are monitored, how we deal with deviations and how the Policy will be constantly updated.

Böllhoff Group Compliance Policy

Acting responsibly and lawfully

Compliance Policy



Promoting innovation

Pioneers of sustainability. The industry is responding to current challenges such as resource conservation, energy and material efficiency as well as reduced CO2 emissions by perfecting the lightweight construction. We play an important role here by optimising the joining and bonding of special lightweight elements and by developing ever lighter fasteners – to the same high quality.

Insight into Audi production

Insight into Audi production

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