Self-pierce riveting systems for perfect joints


High-strength and reliable joining of materials

RIVSET® self-pierce riveting is a process used in joining technology.

It makes mechanically strong joints of similar or combined material types. Multilayer joints are also possible.

This product is made by Böllhoff

Method / principle

In one step, the semi-tubular rivet pierces through the upper layer(s) of the workpiece and forms the locking head in the lower layer.


RIVSET® self-pierce riveting systems are found in many sectors of industry, including the automobile and supplier industry, transport and vehicle construction as well as air conditioning and energy technology.

Product benefits
  • For mixed, multilayer and hybrid joints
  • High-strength joints
  • Strength and positively
  • Gas- and watertight joints
  • From manual setting with a hand-held unit through to fully automatic processing

Product benefits

There are many good reasons for using our products.

Strength and options.
Point by point.

Cold joining

No heat input into the joining zone, therefore no risk of distortion in the component.

Modular and application-focussed

RIVSET® self-pierce riveting systems can be flexibly configured to customer requirements.

Line integration

RIVSET® self-pierce riveting systems are easy to integrate into existing production lines.

Detailed description


RIVSET® self-pierce riveting systems

The product range for RIVSET® self-pierce riveting systems includes manual systems as well as systems for fully automatic production. They are designed for a wide variety of applications and can be adapted to specific manufacturing environments. The configuration of the various system components – Power Unit, Feed, Tool, Panel and Visualisation – is highly flexible.
Your application dictates the system.

RIVSET® setting procedure: 1) Positioning 2) Holding 3) Piercing 4) Stamping 5) Forming 6) Setting

Setting procedure

1) Positioning
2) Holding
3) Piercing
4) Stamping
5) Forming
6) Setting

Product variants

Every project deserves a tailor-made solution.

Learn more about the product types and find the right variant for your particular application.

Portable C RIVSET®

The new generation of the electro-hydraulic Portable C setting tool adds even more flexibility to your production.
This generation is the result of consistent further development of the established Portable series.


RIVSET® Classic

Self-pierce riveting tools for processing belt-magazine RIVSET® self-pierce rivets in industrial series production for manual operation.


RIVSET® Automation EH

100% electrical installation on robots. you can join mixed materials as well as high-strength steels at very short process times.

RIVSET® Automation EH setting tools and machine components are modular and can be configured for both RIVSET® SKR and RIVSET® HDX rivets.


RIVSET® Automation E

The RIVSET® Automation E assembly system focusses on a robust drive and its functionality and flexibility during use. In combination with maximum availability and minimum maintenance, this is the basis for a successful production.


Modules for RIVSET® Automation

Options for configurations of RIVSET® Automation.

Low investment costs through configuration management.

Automation EH, H and E

Die changers

For prototyping, small series or series production and spare parts management.

Automation EH, H and E

Magazine Feed

Alternative rivet feed.

Automation EH and E

New C‑frame generation

With the modular C‑frames, Böllhoff sets new standards in the field of automated joining technology. According to a modular system, there is the possibility to generate a minimum number of base frames for a maximum number of setting tool variants.


Automation solutions


ready2_rivet – BÖLLHOFF and KUKA put the automation of self-piercing riveting processes in a nutshell

As an expert in mechanical joining technology, we have developed the ready2_rivet package in cooperation with KUKA, one of the leading providers of intelligent automation solutions.
Harmonised, pre-configured systems which can be deployed quickly and are easy to operate – that is the result of our cooperation. With the optimised features for the robot riveting and quick change devices for tools, magazines and dies, you solve all typical riveting tasks.

ready2_rivet – The automation package for all riveting tasks

RIVSET® Automation EH with KUKA roboter (source: KUKA Deutschland GmbH - 2018)


The highlights of the ready2_rivet package

  • Operation/parameterisation via a control unit for easy handling
  • Robot control/process control in a cabinet to reduce your hardware and the system’s footprint
  • Partially integrated power supply for improved accessibility
  • Predefined configurations for easier commissioning
  • Fast, pre-programmed commissioning with three measuring points allows easier changes of:
    • Tool
    • Magazine
    • Dies
  • Troubleshooting and quality assurance with “process done” monitoring during operation
Das ready2_rivet Paket von Böllhoff und KUKA umfasst alle wichtigen Komponenten – Automatisiertes Stanznieten

The ready2_rivet package from Böllhoff and KUKA comprises all the important components

  1. KR C4 extended robot controller with process component
  2. smartPAD
  3. Rivet feed
  4. Setting tool
  5. Energy supply system with partially integrated material tube for feeding rivets
  6. Die changer
  7. Magazine changer


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