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Morgan Motor Company

High-strength and reliable joints with RIVSET® self‑pierce rivets in the aluminium platform of the Plus Six


Böllhoff and Morgan: “A fascinating mixture between craftsmanship and technology”

Morgan Motor relies on our RIVSET® self‑pierce rivets for the production of the Plus Six.

Since 1909, the company Morgan Motor has been manufacturing sports cars which enjoy cult status and has been providing a fascinating mixture between traditional craftsmanship and adequate modern technology.

Initial situation


The aluminium platform of the Morgan Plus Six

Each Morgan is hand-crafted and consists of the three core elements ash, aluminium and leather. With the Plus Six, the company succeeded in manufacturing an aluminium platform that has a hundred percent increase in torsion stiffness compared with the previous platforms. This makes the Plus Six to the most dynamic model of the Morgan series so far.

With the production of this aluminium platform, Morgan was facing new challenges.
First, the individual aluminium parts were fixed by means of a special adhesive. Afterwards, they were joined. That procedure required a joining method without pre‑punching which allowed to create high‑strength joints during the hardening of the adhesive. Our RIVSET® self‑pierce rivets offer the perfect solution.

Customer profile

Motor manufacturer

Malvern, United Kingdom




RIVSET® self‑pierce riveting

RIVSET® self‑pierce riveting is a joining method to create mechanical high‑strength joints from similar and dissimilar materials. Joints can consist of more than two layers, such as in this case with adhesive as the intermediate layer.



High‑strength and reliable

In one step, the semi‑tubular rivet punches through the top material layers and in the bottom material layer forms an undercut and also forms the characteristic button. The bottom material layer is not punched through so that a gas- and liquid‑tight spot joint is created. Since the vehicles are hand‑crafted, the RIVSET® Portable is the perfect addition for a successful joining process.

Customer benefits

  • Flexible in use
  • Cost‑saving
  • High quasi‑static and dynamic strength


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Success story
Böllhoff and Morgan: “A fascinating mixture between craftsmanship and technology”
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English 11/2020 1331 kb / PDF
Self-pierce riveting for modern multi-material design
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