145th company anniversary

Founding on Epiphany


Böllhoff turns 145

Exactly 145 years ago, on 6 January 1877, the story of our company began in Herdecke, Germany.

A lot has changed over this long period of time. What started out as a national hardware shop has become a global group of companies – with over 3,000 employees in 24 countries. Our product portfolio around joining technology has also become much broader.

However, one thing has always remained the same: our “passion for successful joining”. It is what drives us and inspires us to continuously reinvent ourselves. Day after day. Year after year. Generation after generation.

And since you only turn 145 once, we will be sharing some stories from our company’s history with you throughout the year. Stay tuned!

Böllhoff parabola


Böllhoff celebrates the 145th anniversary of its foundation on 6 January 2022.

“For Christians, 6 January is a special day. Epiphany.

Whether legend or reality in a religious context - for our founder Wilhelm Böllhoff, this day was associated with a new beginning and courage to follow his visions (his star). And so he deliberately had his company entered in the commercial register of the town of Herdecke on this day.

For us as representatives of the 4th generation, this vision means a lot and so, after 145 years, we look forward to ever new courageous decisions for new beginnings and innovations.”

Wilhelm A. Böllhoff, ​​​​​​​managing partner

Wilhelm A. Böllhoff

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