News – 25.11.2019

Investments in France

New building for logistics operations


Investments: New logistics centre opened in France

In September 2019, the Böllhoff Group opened a new logistics centre in the Alpespace industrial estate in Sainte‑Hélène‑du‑Lac, France.

The new building provides 8,500 square metres of floor space for logistics and another 1,000 square metres for offices and staff rooms. All in all, the modern and flexible logistics centre is about 2.5 times the size of the former logistics department at the production site in La Ravoire.

Böllhoff parabola


The La Ravoire site had recently reached its capacity limits

Due to ever-growing production and shipping volumes at Böllhoff France, the La Ravoire site had recently reached its capacity limits. With the relocation of logistics operations to the Alpespace industrial estate, about 15 minutes by car from La Ravoire, the capacity can now be expanded significantly.

Relocation took place in August, and the new logistics centre has been in operation since September. Cold formed parts such as blind rivet nuts and studs are now shipped from Sainte‑Hélène‑du‑Lac to other Böllhoff subsidiaries as well as to industrial and automotive customers worldwide. In the first expansion phase, some 30 employees work on site. The 37,000-square metre property also offers enough space for future growth.

The space now available in La Ravoire will be used to increase production capacity in France. Production will be optimised in the process, introducing further elements of Industry 4.0.

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