News – 18.04.2019


Load capacity and precision at the highest stage. With HELICOIL® thread technology for high-strength screw joints.


An original like no other – for 65 years

This year, a stainless thread insert is celebrating its 65th birthday and is still living up to its name.

A product which easily exceeds every average product life and which has been influencing the development of our family business like no other: HELICOIL®.


Since 1954, we have been producing the HELICOIL® thread insert under license.

A step with many others to follow in that same direction because that is when we first set up our own production. 65 years of HELICOIL® – that is 65 years of innovations around a high-tech product. However, during all those years, the heart of the functionality has remained unchanged.

Then, as now, HELICOIL® thread inserts have been creating high-strength joints in low-strength materials such as aluminium, magnesium and fibre-reinforced plastics. They feature long-lasting wear resistance, high surface quality, corrosion and high-temperature resistance as well as economic processing during series production.

Designs, diversity of variants as well as assembly systems have since then been continuously optimised and adapted to fit demanding applications.

The respective installation tools range from the manual tool to automation. The further development of the HELICOIL® Classic version comprises the HELICOIL® Plus with simplified installation characteristics as well as the HELICOIL® Tangfree for installation without a tang. Both versions are now also available as Screwlock variants.

... to be continued ... 100 %. The countdown is on.

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