News – 10.04.2017

140 years of Böllhoff

An innovative family-owned company for four generations

It all began with the screw.

Today Böllhoff is a worldwide leading manufacturer, distributor and service provider of fasteners and assembly machines. In 140 years the Böllhoff Group has built up a network with 45 companies at 40 locations in 24 countries across the globe.

Böllhoff parabola


The family owned company with its headquarters in Bielefeld is managed in the fourth generation by Wilhelm A. Böllhoff and Michael W. Böllhoff.

Dr. Carsten Löffler and Dr. Jens Bunte are two members of the Board of Directors who do not belong to the family. In 2016, Böllhoff generated a consolidated turnover of 575 million Euros and achieved an increase of 11 percent. 37 million Euros were invested, mainly in new production capacities also in the Archimedesstraße in Bielefeld, Germany. The outlook for 2017 is positive: The group turnover should exceed 600 million Euros, 50 million Euros are planned for investment and the number of employees is expected to reach 3,000. 1,300 people will then be employed in Germany. As in previous years, Böllhoff will recruit around 60 apprentices for 17 different training professions and five dual study programmes. This ensures that the operational growth can predominantly be realized with in-house junior staff.

On the occasion of the anniversary, Böllhoff will donate an additional 140,000 Euros for social projects in the areas of culture, art, literature and sport. Within the framework of the long-standing “Volunteering Together” initiative, the personal charity commitment of each individual employee will be particularly supported with 1,400 € per project.

Böllhoff Group Management (l. to r. Wilhelm A. Böllhoff, Dr. Carsten Löffler, Michael W. Böllhoff, Dr. Jens Bunte)

Böllhoff Group Management

l. to r. Wilhelm A. Böllhoff, Dr. Carsten Löffler, Michael W. Böllhoff, Dr. Jens Bunte


About Böllhoff – Then and now

Wilhelm Böllhoff founded the company in 1877 in Herdecke on the Ruhr as a trans-regional hardware wholesaler for locksmiths, smithies, and industrial users. In 1923, as a reaction to the occupation of the Ruhr area by the French, Wilhelm’s son Josef opened the branch in Bielefeld and specialised the company in the area of screws, nuts and threaded fasteners for the machine and ship building industry.

Meanwhile, the product range has grown significantly: The original selection of standard parts was developed further. Threaded inserts, quick-release fasteners, self-piercing rivets, adhesive fasteners and precision parts made of plastic have since been added.

Today the core objective is not just offering a wide range of products; it is about supporting the customer along the whole value-added chain: Optimizing processes and reducing costs. This strengthens the customer’s competitive positioning. The range of technologies and services is targeted at combining modern materials and construction methods, the economic procurement, stocking and supply as well as reducing assembly times and costs. The philosophy is: From the screw to the finished assembly.

Today all manufacturers in the automotive and aerospace industry, as well as many companies in the machine and plant engineering, sheet-metal and plastics processing and the electronics industries belong to the national and international customer base.

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