Screw fastening


 High precision and process reliability. With UNIQUICK® stationary screw driving systems for screwing and feeding. 

Stationary screw driving systems

The stationary units of the UNIQUICK® Vario series are highly versatile. They offer high quality and process reliability.

The stationary feeding screw systems of the UNIQUICK® Vario series cater for a high degree of automation, fully automatic assembly and the use of robots. The systems are easy to integrate into production processes.

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Method / principle

With its compact and slimline design, UNIQUICK® Vario is easy to integrate into complex systems.
An ultra-lightweight and compact version is available for connecting to a robot.


The stationary feeding screw systems of the UNIQUICK® Vario series are primarily intended for high-volume production processes. They are used in the furniture and timber industries, in window and door installation, and in the electrical and plastics industries. Other sectors which demand a high degree of automation, fully automatic assembly and robots include the sheet metal-working industry and the automotive industry, of course.

Product benefits
  • Modular design
  • Minimal installation dimensions
  • Simple construction
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Adjustable infeed movement
  • Tool-free nozzle removal

Product benefits

There are many good reasons for using our products.

Strength and options.
Point by point.

Modular design

High flexibility in production.

Minimal installation dimensions

Simple and space-saving integration.

Adjustable infeed movement

Flexible in application.

Tool-free nozzle removal

Short setup times.

Detailed description


UNIQUICK® Vario – Stationary screw fastening – precise and reliable

The UNIQUICK® Vario series is available in three sizes, and with its compact and slimline design ideal for adaptation to custom-built machines. Thanks to its special modular construction, the feed stroke is suitable for all sectors requiring stationary screw fastening. An ultra-lightweight and compact version is available for connecting to a robot. The range includes a wide variety of versions, for multiple screw heads, high torques and special infeed strokes, etc. The specific arrangement of the cylinders allows for separate infeed and working strokes.

UNIQUICK® Vario – Series available in three sizes (UVS 50, UVS 75, UVS 100)

Three sizes (UVS 50, UVS 75, UVS 100)


UNIQUICK® Best – Electronic current-controlled drives

The UNIQUICK® Best was developed to enable all screw fastening components to be controlled and monitored from a single location, simplifying monitoring processes and integration into larger systems.
UNIQUICK® Best also permits self-forming screw fastenings in cast materials or wood with differing insertion or tightening torques. The drive motor with resolver ensures fast and accurate control of the speed and torque.
The screwdriver is equipped with a particularly smooth-operating spring suspension on the spindle, guaranteeing that the fastening spindle engages securely into the screw’s grip. In addition to high dynamics and speed, this also allows a uniform preload force, regardless of the dimensional torque. This system also includes an electronic motor control unit, which enables the angle of rotation to be controlled during screw fastening. This drive concept is highly adaptable in terms of display, operation and implementation of special screw fastening processes, as well as evaluation of these processes.

UNIQUICK® Logic – Control system

Handheld console of the Best control unit


UNIQUICK® Logic – Comprehensive control system and monitoring technology

Control board for handheld devices

  • Simple to use and with integrated amplitude regulation, the board is a real "all-rounder".
  • Simple, low-cost version

Compact control unit

  • Ideal for applications with modified screw fastening processes
  • Control housing can be integrated into the feeder
  • Suitable for use with the touch panel

Control cabinet

  • Contains all necessary components for controlling the screw driving unit
  • Can be customised to individual applications
  • Easy to connect to an existing customer system via standard robot interfaces

Graphical touch panel

  • Process monitoring and visualisation
  • Simple fault detection and elimination
  • Commissioning and statistical evaluation of screw fastening processes

BUS box

  • Modular control unit in three versions
  • Optional CPU and slave control for standard robot interfaces
  • Quick and easy expansion with additional components and functions
  • 48 inputs and 40 outputs, which can also be used for integration into existing systems


UNIQUICK® Logic – Control system for UNIQUICK® screw driving systems

Control system

1) PLC/ProfiBUS
2) Communication with the customer

Product variants

Every project deserves a tailor-made solution.

Learn more about the product types and find the right variant for your particular application.

UNIQUICK® Vario – Standard version

UNIQUICK® Vario caters for a high degree of automation, fully automatic assembly and the use of robots. The systems are easy to integrate into production processes.


Multi-spindle screw driving units

The multi-spindle screw fastening units are based on the standard UNIQUICK® Vario and can insert up to eight screws simultaneously side by side.



Robot-controlled screw fastenings – in these applications the individual infeed movements of the screw driving unit are performed by the robot.



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