Corporate responsibility

For generations we have understood our responsibility for the environment, the community and in particular for our staff.

Responsible practices

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the basis of our sustainable development.

Assuming corporate responsibility is part of our corporate culture and has been a practical reality for decades. From management of the company and how we act on the market to promoting the local community.

Böllhoff Parabel

Company management


The Böllhoff culture

The very real Böllhoff culture, the unique spirit of our company, has evolved and established itself over more than 140 years. We represent our values of courage, fairness and enthusiasm in Germany, Europe and across the world. Our first written mission statement was published approximately 50 years ago, and today’s version is the benchmark throughout the organisation for how the company is run. It is an integral part of our day-to-day work in 24 countries on all five continents.

Böllhoff Group Management (l. to r. Wilhelm A. Böllhoff, Dr. Carsten Löffler, Michael W. Böllhoff, Dr. Jens Bunte)

Böllhoff Group Management

l. to r. Wilhelm A. Böllhoff, Dr. Carsten Löffler, Michael W. Böllhoff, Dr. Jens Bunte



Acting responsibly and lawfully

The senior management and all employees of the Böllhoff Group have the goal of complying with the applicable regulations – be they provisions of law or Böllhoff rules.
To achieve this goal, we are providing all important rules that are relevant for the work of each of us in a comprehensible way. Then we achieve our objective to make Compliance part of our daily work. In addition, our Compliance System defines how the different contents of compliance with the rules are monitored, how we deal with deviations and how the Policy will be constantly updated.

Böllhoff Group Compliance Policy

Acting responsibly and lawfully

Compliance Policy



Promoting innovation

Pioneers of sustainability. The industry is responding to current challenges such as resource conservation, energy and material efficiency as well as reduced CO2 emissions by perfecting the lightweight construction. We play an important role here by optimising the joining and bonding of special lightweight elements and by developing ever lighter fasteners – to the same high quality.

Insight into Audi production

Insight into Audi production

Local community


Strengthening cooperation

As a company, we have for generations felt compelled to constantly enhance our corporate image and, as part of society, to take responsibility for those around us. In this regard, two initiatives are very close to our heart, as they help committed members of society to find their way and so themselves contribute to the common good.


The Wolfgang and Regina Böllhoff Foundation

We are dedicated to equal opportunities for everyone. This is reflected in our sponsorship programme “Ich will!” set up by Wolfgang and Regina Böllhoff. The aim is to sustainably support eligible school pupils in their academic, personal and professional development. Over three years they are mentored by godparents who support them in ways their own parents can’t. The foundation also bears costs incurred for extra tuition, memberships of clubs, excursions or computers with Internet. It was founded by Wolfgang Böllhoff, his wife Regina and their four children in 2006.

The Wolfgang and Regina Böllhoff Foundation

The Wolfgang and Regina Böllhoff Foundation


Volunteering together!

We support commitment. Many of our employees spend some of their spare time contributing to society, helping others and doing good in the community.
We encourage such individual charitable engagement with our "Volunteering together" initiative at all sites throughout the world. We especially help our staff in countries facing immense poverty such as India or Brazil with their own projects, for example combating poverty or supporting church-based initiatives to assist people in need.

“Volunteering together” initiative

“Volunteering together” initiative

Our commitment

Corporate commitment is at the centre of the company and the Böllhoff family.

Over generations a diverse range of supported initiatives for culture, sport and social projects has developed at the different sites.

The Mechthild Böllhoff Foundation

The aim of the Mechthild Böllhoff Foundation is to promote social, charitable and religious works in the Holy Lands and in particular Israel, Palestine and Jordan. The main focus of these activities is medical treatment for those in need and training for young people.

Bielefelder Konsens: Pro Bielefeld e.V.

Initiative for our city - non-party and non-profit: The “Bielefelder Konsens: Pro Bielefeld e.V.” initiative was founded in 1990 by a group of Bielefeld citizens from all walks of life. “Pro Bielefeld” promotes the image of Bielefeld as a cultural and business centre in the Ostwestfalen-Lippe region of Germany. It is committed to improving the quality of life for the citizens of Bielefeld. Wolfgang, Wilhelm and Anja Böllhoff support the association in their role as members of the board of directors or board of trustees.

Cultural Foundation Pro Bielefeld

The aim of the Pro Bielefeld cultural foundation is to promote the cultural life of the city. It does this primarily by supporting the work of the Bielefeld Kunsthalle art museum through the co-financing of selected exhibitions and additions to the art collections. This type of help was and is needed to compensate for the decline in public funding and to ensure the art museum an adequate exhibition and acquisition budget.

Bielefelder Bürgerstiftung - Bielefeld Community Foundation

The foundation is dedicated to supporting education, youth and elderly welfare, art and culture and public health services. It also supports scientific research and the publication of results.

Theatre Foundation Bielefeld

The Theatre Foundation aims to ensure that the Bielefelder Theater remains a top-class three-strand theatre, not just for citizens of Bielefeld, but also the wider art-loving region, providing unspoilt theatre and entertainment. We continuously sponsor one theatrical production at the Bielefeld city theatre.

Bielefeld University Society

The Association of Friends and Supporters of the University of Bielefeld is committed to discussion and exchanging opinions about science in the region. It promotes teaching and research, discussion panels, cultural attractions, globalisation and offers prizes in competitions recognising excellent teaching (Karl Peter Grotemeyer prize) and research (dissertation prizes). Böllhoff is represented by Wilhelm Alexander on the board of directors and funds the endowed chair for family business.

Foundation for the Medical Information Centre in Bielefeld

Cases of suspected neglect, abuse and sexual assault are often reported by the youth welfare office. The medical information centre has proven itself to be a reliable partner in its more than 30 years in existence. This work is made possible thanks to financing by the City of Bielefeld and the state of NRW, which has covered approximately half of the cost to date. The other half has been taken care of by the foundation since 1993, backed by Megan Böllhoff as chairwoman.

Sports sponsorships


Sponsoring youth and popular sports

For a healthy future. Sponsoring in the form of perimeter advertising and providing shirts to more than 150 youth football teams are just some of the ways we are helping sports clubs in Bielefeld and throughout Germany.

Sponsoring youth and popular sports

Shirt sponsoring for youth teams

(Pictured: 1. FC Isselhorst)

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