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RIVKLE® Seal Ring

Blind rivet nuts and studs with integrated and captive sealing solution


Tight range RIVKLE® Seal Ring

Our new range of tight RIVKLE® Seal Ring nuts and studs protects your assemblies from external aggressions, ensures tightness to all fluids.

Furthermore it retains the performance of RIVKLE® fasteners over time (metal-to-metal contact).

This product is made by Böllhoff

The innovation


The innovation

The RIVKLE® Seal Ring technology is an assembly solution which features a captive sealing ring for simple and reliable setting, even during automatic blow‑feed setting. The resulting assembly is robust, sealed against the ingress of all liquids, thereby meeting the requirements of standard ISO 20653 and automotive quality requirements.


  • Resistance to ageing and fluids
  • Seal protected from external contacts
  • No risk of tension loss in the assembly

Reliable assemblies

  • The mechanical performance of the assemblies is preserved
  • The seal remains captive, even during blow feed automatic setting
  • Designed for repeatable and reliable automated setting


  • Sealing solution directly integrated on the blind rivet nuts and studs
  • Captive seal
  • Easy and quick setting both in manual and automatic modes

Automotive quality

  • Quality Guarantee: proven sealing (ATEQ), IPX7 range in accordance with ISO 20653
  • Surface treatment: tested 720h of resistance to red rust
  • 100% sorting to ensure required ppm levels

3-in-1 technology


Sealing function

The seal remains securely attached to the RIVKLE® body under all circumstances, including during automatic setting with blow feed and after thermal stressing from ‑35°C to +220°C depending on the seal material.

Thread function

Adds a strong and reusable internal or external thread (stud) to thin‑walled workpieces.​​​​​​​

Rivet function

Two or more sheets of dissimilar materials can be joined.

RIVKLE® Seal Ring

Integrated sealing solution for simple and reliable setting



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RIVKLE® Seal Ring
Blind rivet nuts and studs with integrated sealing solution
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