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Fast, easy and highly automated. With the ECOSIT® RFID Bin system, we have made the logistics and procurement processes at BOGE even better.


The easy way

With the ECOSIT® RFID Bin system, we were able to optimise their logistics and procurement processes.

Even good systems can always be improved. For our customer BOGE we found an innovative way of speeding up their existing processes.

Initial situation


High demands on procurement

BOGE is enjoying above-average growth in the machine-building sector. And it's all down to systematic branding, intelligent engineering and focused internationalisation. Customised solutions are another driver of this growth. The biggest challenge here in comparison to standard products comes from the demands placed on procurement and internal logistics. For eight years Böllhoff's two-bin distribution system was equal to this challenge. Manual interventions were only necessary at times of exceptional surges in demand. However, when the scope of procurement was extended to include additional fasteners and C-parts, we took the opportunity to test out further possibilities for optimisation and suggested RFID technology.

Customer profile

Machine construction

Bielefeld, Germany





Switchover to the ECOSIT® RFID Bin distribution system

Four weeks from start of project to implementation – that's how fast things can move when an idea really takes hold. With the ECOSIT® RFID Bin system, all relevant data necessary for prompt delivery is stored on the RFID tags of the container labels. Once a container is empty, it is simply placed in a collection box next to the shelf. The data is then automatically read from the RFID tags and transmitted to Böllhoff's ERP system. This process takes only a few seconds. Replacing the containers, including new RFID labels, installing the RFID antenna and commissioning the system all took place in a single day, in close cooperation with BOGE. The existing shelf systems were left in place.



The result is even better availability with lower costs

Very good before. Now even better. That is how BOGE summarises product availability with the ECOSIT® RFID Bin system. One reason for this is that no manual ordering is required. The delivery process then becomes considerably faster and more flexible. Even empty bins that were only read the day before supply can be delivered the next day. The risk of fasteners being unavailable is now all but ruled out, even in the event of unforeseeable exceptional demand. It has also been possible to cut process costs on a lasting basis thanks to the reduction in suppliers and the inclusion of new articles.

Customer benefits

  • Quick and easy order initiation
  • Short response times
  • Better security of supply
  • Greater flexibility and reduction in delivery frequency
  • Use of innovative RFID technology
  • Simple installation and start-up of system
  • Tidiness and order


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Optimising the logistics and procurement process with modern RFID technology
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English 0314/13.02 161 kb / PDF
ECOSIT® ECOnomic Supply In Time
Economical procurement and distribution systems for fasteners
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