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Supply chain solutions

RFID technology in procurement and distribution systems

In 2009, Böllhoff became one of the first companies to replace bar codes with RFID technology in C-parts management.

Since then, a great deal has happened. This type of technology has seen growing demand on the market, and is increasingly becoming a new industry standard.

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The Böllhoff ECOSIT® (ECOnomic Supply In Time) system using RFID is both fast and reliable. All the relevant data is stored on RFID labels on the containers. If a container is empty, the RFID label is read automatically as soon as it is within the detection area. An order in Böllhoff´s ERP system can be placed automatically within just seconds. As a result, no manual ordering is required. The supply process thus becomes considerably faster and more flexible than using bar codes.


Better customer benefits thanks to Böllhoff’s RFID 4.0

Data can be acquired from the UHF RFID labels flexibly with the help of ceiling, ground, shelf antennas or a near-field solution can be integrated directly into the control unit. With intelligent management and a wide range of data acquisition techniques, any known workflow can be adapted with the same control unit. Depending on the situation, up to 8 antennas can be connected to just one single control unit. This saves cost and increases flexibility. Data is transferred by LAN, WLAN or UMTS depending on the possibilities or requirements.

Another new feature is the 7” HD touchscreen integrated in the “RFID-Box” letterbox solution. The user receives an optical signal in addition to the acoustic signal as reading confirmation, and can call up all container movements directly from the RFID-Box. They can also retrieve information from the internet and use local peripheral devices, e.g. printers, by radio data transmission.

The proven feature of the RFID system is since 2009 the unique coding of the RFID labels. It ensures reliable functioning of the system and no reading errors.
At the end of the day, all that matters is: there are always enough fasteners available and the logistics chain is never broken.


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