Böllhoff in Traun

Sales of fasteners and processing systems

A dynamic employer

Böllhoff in Traun near Linz (established in 1962) is also the head office for our subsidiaries in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Turkey and for export countries such as Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.

On behalf of our customers worldwide, we advise on, develop and supply a broad range of application and process oriented fasteners, together with the corresponding assembly solutions. We are one of the leading suppliers of fasteners in Southeast Europe. We aim to delight our customers every day with outstanding products and premium services.

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What do we offer?


Was macht es besonders, für uns zu arbeiten?

As a family business in its 4th generation, we understand that the success of a company depends on its employees. Every individual helps to ensure that the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

So empowering our employees, supporting their personal development and involving them in decision-making and in designing processes through mutual feedback is a matter of course for us.

Flexible working hours

In the commercial areas we offer the option of flexible working hours in accordance with current flexitime arrangements and by agreement with line managers. Various shift models apply in the production and logistics areas.

Continuing education opportunities

We offer our employees both internal and external training opportunities as well as a range of management programs in conjunction with our central HR department.

Meals allowances

All employees receive a meals allowance in the form of meal vouchers. These vouchers can be redeemed in the IMG canteen and also with our partners located near the site.

Car parking

There is plenty of free parking available for employees on site and in its immediate vicinity.

Good transport links

Located in the centre of Traun and on the newly extended tram route from Linz, the site is very easy to reach.

Company cars

Company cars may be provided, depending on job role.

Company mobile phones

Company mobile phones may be supplied, depending on job role.

Employee events

Every year we hold a Christmas party for employees, and every other year we organise a bigger celebration including overnight accommodation.

Pension scheme

Employees who have been with the company for two years are eligible to join the company pension scheme.

Anniversary ceremonies

We show our gratitude to long-serving employees for their contribution to the company by holding anniversary ceremonies, at which they receive personalised Böllhoff coins and badges of honour together with anniversary bonuses of up to two months' gross pay.

Social benefits in recognition of personal occasions

As a family business, we also play a part in the family lives of our employees. We help by making special payments to celebrate weddings, births and milestone birthdays. But we also support our employees or their surviving dependents in the event of illness or death.

Rewards under the employee suggestion scheme

The best ideas come from within, so for several years we have run an employee suggestion scheme to allow people to submit ideas and suggestions for improvements.
Employees receive a reward for any suggestions that are adopted. The people with the largest numbers of adopted suggestions over the course of a year then qualify for annual bonuses in the form of iPads, travel vouchers and meal vouchers.

What we expect from you


As well as suitable specialist skills for the position in question, enthusiasm, commitment, flexibility and a willingness to embrace change are all qualities that we would like to see in our applicants.

We would also like you to find out a little more about our company, our products and our culture before you apply.

Our advice to applicants is to show us your personality as well as telling us about your technical qualifications, because we are looking for people who will fit in well.

More information

Let us help you shape your future and become part of our success.

We offer lots of interesting opportunities for joining the Böllhoff Group.

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