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Safe adhesion without loss of performance

ONSERT® technology allows adhesion of different fasteners to diverse materials.


An efficient connection

Böllhoff, as a specialist in mechanical joining technology, and DELO, as a specialist for intelligent bonding technology, have together developed a new fastening system.
It’s the ONSERT® technology – quick bonding of fasteners without loss of performance.

Your benefits

  • Optimised design ensures distortion-free surfaces; ideal where close tolerance or visual requirements are important. Fastening elements do not become apparent on the visible side through
  • Heat input such as it happens during welding and heat curing
  • Processing parameters independent of customer component
  • Full mechanical load capacity immediately after irradiation (no post-crosslinking)
  • Short curing times (< 5 sec)



There are two product families in the DELO range of adhesive products that are suitable for ONSERT® adhesion.


  • Light-curing acrylate
  • Curing in less than 10 seconds
  • Universal adhesion to various substrates
  • Application specific mechanical properties (ultimate elongation, TG, Young's modulus)


  • 2K-acrylate plus light curing
  • Fixing by light in 4 seconds, technical strength after 60 minutes
  • Temperature range from -40 °C to +120 °C

Bonding process

1. Dispensing

ONSERT® bonding process – 1. Dispensing

2. Joining

ONSERT® bonding process – 2. Joining

3. Curing

ONSERT® bonding process – 3. Curing

Processing systems

ONSERT® portable – Battery installation tool

Your benefits

ONSERT® portable – Battery installation tool
  • Ergonomic two-component housing: secure grip, non-slip
  • Process monitoring via USB port
  • Fast and secure positioning about 3-point-push button
  • Easy handling
  • Flexibility
  • Lithium-ion battery

ONSERT® – Processing systems semi-automatic

Your benefits

ONSERT® Automation
  • Optimised curing due to special LED lamp geometry
  • Reliable due to active cooling and temperature monitoring
  • Quick and reliable positioning
  • Reduce operator fatigue
  • Easy handling
  • Flexibility
  • Suitable for different element types
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Quick and process-reliable bonding of fastening
elements with light-curing adhesives
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ONSERT® Adhesion of fasteners


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